Should the U.S. focus more attention on revising labor laws for migrant workers?

  • Migrant workers are the backbone of the country.

    One of the industries that attracts the highest number of migrant workers is agriculture. Many migrant workers do farm work and help produce food for everyone else to eat. It would be unfair to not look to help those that are essentially feeding the country. Reforming some of the laws is just a first step.

  • More attention should be given to revising labor laws for migrant workers.

    Migrant workers are essential to continue successful agricultural businesses. However, these individuals are subject to various abuses by their employers because of a lack of regulation. As the fight continues to raise the minimum wage for documented workers, those who are migrant should not be left in the dust. They frequently earn less and can be subject to inadequate housing or transportation due to the lack of regulation and enforcement.

  • The U.S. should focus their attention elsewhere.

    Labor laws aren't exactly the issue. With migrant workers, they are coming here to work and earn money and then taking that money back home to their families. If we made it easier and more hospitable for migrant workers, maybe they would move their families here and become tax paying citizens.

  • Us should not focus on migrant workers

    No I do not think that the United States of America should start focusing more attention on the revising of labor laws of the migrant workers in the country. There are many things that the U.S. Should focus on that concerns the citizens instead of the migrant workers in our country.

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