• It is becoming too risky to not.

    ISIS is becoming more and more "popular" and appealing to people. Eventually, there will be just too many people in America that may start to listen to the message the terrorist organizations are addressing. So eventually they will be a large threat IN the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  • USA should go to war with ISIS

    I believe we started and funded ISIS. I believe it is now completely out of our control, so something must be done. They use social media to recruit, yet our country is not putting enough effort into stopping this. Our land has been attacked bu this group, and we must make it known that we will not tolerate it, and that we are fully willing to stop them.

  • Yes, it's time America step up and led the war on terror.

    Yes, the United States as a superpower leading the free world, has to take the initiative to combat the ISIS terrorists by declaring all out war on this extremist group. Enough of half measures and fearful initiatives. If the Russians are doing what they're doing to combat ISIS in Syria. the US could certainly do a better job at championing the struggle against this evil organization.

  • Yes, war on ISIS is long overdue.

    Yes, the U.S. should formally declare war on ISIS. As a country, the United States has experienced an overabundance of terror attacks as a result of the terrorist group ISIS. We have also witnessed the attacks conducted by ISIS to other countries. If we want change, a war is necessary in this case.

  • Wars have devastating effects.

    Military operations against terrorist organisations in the middle east have always failed in the past. If a war was actually "won", the US was not able to stabilise the Country enough to keep its society from collapsing straight away. Afghanistan and Iraq were a complete failure. Invading Syria would produce the same political chaos and new terrorist splinter cells would emerge.
    Also, the political situation in Syria is complicated. As long as Bashar al-Assad controls the country, the US would have to fight the regime while terrorist forces would attack their back lines.

  • Declaring a war has many implications

    Although we should be actively fighting against ISIS, formally declaring a war could cause many ill effects. We should focus on eradicating the terrorist group without a full scale war. We need to start from the top, executing their leaders and paralyzing their finances. The trickle-down effect should take care of the rest.

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