Should the U.S. get involved with Mexico's war on drugs?

  • The drug problem in Mexico is also a problem in the US

    The drug cartels in Mexico ship to places that would benefit them the most; that includes shipping to the United States. Citizens of the United States cannot say that the US is not affected by the problem. They can just look at the way the government is being run with biases on immigration with the obscure side effects that no one mentions. The Mexican government is corrupted, and many Mexican citizens know that is true. Stopping the drug cartel that the Mexican government cannot stop themselves will greatly benefit the US and Mexican citizens. A reformed government in Mexico will give no reason for the future generation of Mexican citizens to illegally migrate to the US as there would be no general need of a better life. The US government can stop worrying about illegal immigration and focus more on the structural integrity of their government to better the lives of US citizens

  • Mexico's war on drugs affects the US

    If the United States wants drug trade to stop in the Us from Mexico, than they need to help the Mexican government. 10-30 billion dollars are made off of US drug sales from Mexico a year. So the issue is out of control for just Mexico to be resolving alone.

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  • We have resources

    The US of A has been sending drones to deal with ISIS, so why not send ACTUAL soldiers to the place that needs them the most! Mexico is trying is hardest to fight drugs alone, but they are crashing and burning really badly. What they need is US (pun intended) to send better weapons and better men to their aid. Like others have stated, we need to be good neighbors and get involved. We have been simply "carrying" our big sticks for far too long. It's time we use them!

  • We got to take down the Z-40 and el chapo

    These people are trading drugs throughout all of Latin America and in the southern part of the United States. They built these passages throughout california so that they can send illegal immigrants to the United States. It is causing problems in the United States and we should intervene. Take down the z-40 and get rid of them. Then get rid of this el chapo. Then we should intervene by fixing the justice system and not tolerate their stupid shenanigans. Allow the death penalty in Mexico and take justice. Then we should strengthen our borders. We'll leave them alone after we killed every last drug Lord and some people.

  • Shower them with lead!!

    Kill the sicarios, I have no remorse or mercy for men who kill babies. Individuals so young they have no idea what's going on. Kill them and execute there supporters. This probably isn't the best solution but screw that these people need to be sent to hell back to there master the devil!!!đź‘Ť

  • Mexico's government is far too corrupt to deal with the cartel.

    Mexico's government & law enforcement is already swarmed with officials who are defecting and being bribed to the join the cartel so it's up to U.S forces to stop them, I doubt Marines will let themselves be bribed plus our goverment is far more technologically advanced with state-of-the art weaponry. The U.S SHOULD help Mexico fight it's war on drugs.

  • The problem has already bled here in the United States

    The problem is right here next to our country and the US Military will not get involved. Why, I don t understand, but I bet if Mexico had billions in oil like Iraq, and the other oil countries, we would get involved. Heck, we can t even go on a hunt near Mexico without being worried we ll be taken hostage by the Cartels. Pisses me off!

  • Yes we should get involved

    While many people think we should stop fighting the drug war because it is the responsibility of the Mexican government, we should continue to fight because their problem with cartels is becoming a serious problem in the U.S. Those people might be correct that indeed we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the Mexican drug war, but once it starts involving the U.S that’s when we would obviously need to step in.

  • Stupid Beaners can do stuff on their own.

    Those spics are doing nothing to help us, he'll if we wait their will be more Mexicans in America than Mexicans in Mexico. Mexico doesn't care if their citizens illegally come onto our land, so why should we care that out guns are going into theirs? Up yours Mexico! Peace out.

  • Wars have an end

    This is not a war its a way to oppress the pour. Stop the war on drugs and the cartels will lose power. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over expecting different results. We learned from the alcohol prohibition that a black market increases violence and gives money and power to the crimal element. Why can't we learn from our mistakes. If we did there would be a drastic decrease in gun violence and have a new major revenue source.

  • We need other solutions

    As long as there is a demand for drugs in America, Mexican cartels are going to keep supplying. What we need to do is fix the border patrol and crack down on trafficing through the area. Mexico is the lead supplier of marijuana to the US, hopefully with the marijuana legalization in Colorado and other states it'll stop the need for drugs from Mexico. The obvious observation here is that we are wasting our time by being involved in Mexico.

  • We're involved in enough

    The United States is involved in too many wars already, it does not need to take on another one. The 'war on drugs' in America so far has been a bust, I am not sure why Americans believe that going to another country and using the same tactics are going to work any better there than they've worked here.

    Posted by: jus
  • The U.S. should not get involved with Mexico's war on drugs

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I do not feel that the U.S. should get involved with Mexico's war on drugs. The U.S. already gets involved in too many Countries, meanwhile, our own Country is suffering. Let each Country handle their own affairs, and let us focus on ours. The more involved we get, the worst off we are.

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