Should the U.S. get involved with the Mexican Drug War?

  • Yes, the U.S. should get involved with the Mexican Drug War.

    The reason the United States has difficulty stopping drugs is because Mexico has no control over their side of the border. We should step in and assist them and murder the cartels. The cartels are a foreign enemy and they should be treated as such. Killing them would stop the drug trade.

  • Yes it should

    Right now it isn't our problem but in the near future it could be. If the drug cartels are allowed to grow inside of Mexico eventually will cross our border and become a larger problem to us then the currently are.We need to eliminate the problem before it becomes uncontrollable.

  • Not unless they start to involve us.

    If it is simply an internal affair, then no, we shouldn't have to get involved. The Mexican government has their own responsibility to take care of their own drug problems. The only reason I would support American involvement is if they start coming across OUR borders to smuggle drugs or organize fights against their government. That would mean they are putting our citizens in danger.

  • No they should not

    Well technically, the US is already involved in the Mexican Drug War. How do you think cartels can smuggle drugs into the US? How could cartels obtain weapons if it were not for the US? The USA does not have to intrude in every country's business. Mexico and Latin America can resolve this on their own. It does not need the intervention of unnecessary 'help'

  • Big problem here.

    We shouldn't even be involved in our own drug way, let alone in the drug war of another country whose government has been shown to be almost irreversibly corrupt. We need to legalize drugs here and in the countries where the cartels have a stranglehold in order to reverse this trend.

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