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  • No they should not.

    There is no need for another war. What would we be fighting for? Freedom? Nope we already have that. We would be fighting for the Taliban! The majority of the Syrian rebels are associated or members of the Taliban. In fact, while we're at it, 9/11 was 13 years ago! It's time to get out of these other countries!

  • There will be no war with Syria

    War with Syria is pointless. If that were to happen then this would get Iran involved, who is an ally of Syria, which in turn would force Russia and China to get involved and then all hell would certainly break loose. On top of that a massive number of the American people do not want to go to war with Syria.

  • War equals bad

    If we have war with Syria then we will make then mad at us and we wont get certain resources from them as a result. And US cant risk another war we are not in the position to maybe survive another one. That is why war should not happen. Word.

  • The attacks are punitive, not defensive or humanitarian.

    While Obama and the media would like you to believe that we want to attack Assad because he gassed innocent Syrian civilians, thereby saving more innocent civilians in the process, that is unfortunately not the case. It is strictly a punitive measure, intended to "make a point" to Assad. It is not a defensive move, as Assad poses no threat to America. It also is not a humanitarian move, as the airstrikes won't cripple Assad and will most likely get more innocent civilians killed.

    This is just another example of Big Bad America and its military-industrial complex looking for an excuse to go to war in order to make more money.


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