• Yes, fake pot should be banned.

    Fake pot, or "fweed," is highly dangerous. It is a chemical and it causes kidney damage, strokes, and has even killed some people. It wears off quickly, so you have to smoke more and more to get a "high." I honestly think the real stuff is better. At least it is a natural herb. Many states have already deemed it illegal, but since you can order it over the internet, people are breaking the law.

  • Yes, ban fake pot

    Fake pot should definitely be banned. The ingredients on the package state that it is incense. Smoking incense cannot be good for you. I believe that fake pot only exists so that the government can make money on marijuana without actually making money on marijuana. The war on drugs was such an expensive and futile war that the government needs to find a way to make a profit while still looking like they do not support the use of marijuana...Kind of like how the government put fines on cigarette companies and makes them do commercials stating that cigarettes kill, but they are still legal. Fake pot is America's answer to legalizing marijuana.

  • Yes, ban fake pot now.

    Fake pot can probably used as a gateway to more dangerous drugs. This will cause real problems. Drug addiction is a major issue in this country. More drug use leads to the need for more prison space. This country can not afford the costs that are involved with illegal drug use.

  • It's a free society.

    In a truly free society, people would be allowed to put whatever they want into their own bodies and other people would have no right to stop them. Additionally, actual pot should also be legalized, as it is significantly less dangerous to the human body then fake pot. The "gateway theory" is non-factual and has no evidence to back it up. By that logic, one day I should be drinking coffee (caffeine is a drug) and that should somehow prompt me to go out and shoot heroin. The only reason that would ever happen is because the people who are selling pot are also selling the other, harder drugs, and they'll obviously try to get people that buy pot to try the harder stuff. That problem would be taken care of if the government REGULATED marijuana. The problem isn't the drugs, its drug prohibition!

  • No, the government should look into the real issue

    The only reason that 'fake pot' exists is because of the federal government's bizarre characterization of marijuana as a level one controlled substance. People all throughout history have been using drugs, and the failed war on drugs is proof they will continue. Instead of treating drugs like a criminal offense, we need to realize that the problem is a medical one. Instead of banning more things, which will inevitably lead to 'newer' drugs, we need to realize once and for all that the problem is the banning of drugs, not the drugs themselves.

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