Should the U.S. government ban the sale of guns to civilians?

  • Killing people is wrong

    All the fudging school shooting are so stupid we need to ban guns so no one else dies and no one can get the guns to have the balls to kill people!!!!!!! Do you know how many people died?????!!!????? I bet not you peasants..Donald trump should take care of this shizznits

  • Yes they should

    Now a days people carry guns without understanding the magnitude of what they are holding, how with just pulling a trigger they are taking the life of a person, something that has no return. Arm sales to civilians should be banned because ordinary people is no trained to know how to use a gun properly. They do not know how they should be used, and rage or resentment can lead someone to using the gun not for protection, but for attacking another human being.

  • Yes it should

    I think it should because i said it should and i want it to!! This s not what god wanted to happend and tjis is what we need to do to make this a better place for me, myself and I. Thank you for reading this and god bless our souls. Amen

  • Guns have evolved beyond the imagination of our founders. As such, our laws should too, hence the ability to have amendments.

    The claim that guns are needed to stop a tyrannical government are absurd. No gun an individual owns will stop the US military. Civilians would need anti aircraft and ballistic missiles to have a dent on it. Weapons are not needed. Education is needed. Keep the guns you have. Eliminate new sale of guns and ammo.

  • The U.S. government should ban the sale of guns to civilians.

    The United States should not allow civilians to purchase guns. The framers of the constitution did not intend for normal people to have the kind of deadly weapons that are available today. Most other countries have banned the sale of guns because they are a grave danger to public safety.

  • The wrong hands will never give them up why should I!

    First take guns away from all the known gang members, People who have been convicted of murder or attempted murder with a firearm, Take them away from the police and the u. S military and then maybe I would consider giving mine up.

    Just kidding I would never give mine up! Not even then! I use mine to defend my family and hunting for food. Do you think the criminals will just turn in their guns because the government says we should? Even though the government says heroine and crack cocaine is illegal I don’t see the criminals turning all their drugs in! ? ! ?

  • What next ?

    Take it away from the street gangs , motorcycle gangs ,politicians selling them to people out of the trunks of there cars. Have the Average person turn their guns in , so the state can turn around and selling them on the side to God only knows. They want the guns , will they give up theirs ?

  • No We Need Our guns

    Our citizens need guns to protect ourselves. Everyone that can have a gun should get one. Everyone that can get a concealed carry license should get one. Our country may be attacked and we need to protect ourselves from internal terrorists as well This all may be coming and if we are not ready many will die.

  • Last truly free society

    Written into the fabric of our nation is the right of the people to abolish the government if necessary. No country in the world guarantees that right to its subjects, because that's what they are, subject to the government. This is the only true government that is subject to the people. No gun owner approves of the use of firearms by criminals for acts of crime. Many who are against guns because they hurt people support the unfettered slaughter of unborn children, explain that hypocrisy to me. The founding fathers absolutely desired that the people be as well armed as the government; one, to be called upon in times of crisis to defend the country, and two, to provide a check against tyrannical government.

  • Most certainly not

    The government should not be allowed to ban the use of self defense tools by any normal law abiding citizen. The ownership and use of guns for personal defense, and to keep a proper check and balance in favor of the people of the republic over the government has been written into the very fabric of this countries founding. A pistol is to protect yourself, your family and your home from would be thieves or murderers. The keeping of an assault weapon is essential to ensure the will, rights and liberty of the people of this republic remain intact and free.

    Yes, the large majority of gun owners and freedom lovers in the United States (around 50,000,000 people) would in some way defend ourselves and our freedoms against our own government if we ever so needed to. The American people are the largest and most well armed and funded force the world has ever seen. We outgun our own government and all police forces in the country combined several tens of times over. If they ever succeeded in unifying us against them, they would loose very quickly.

  • No, guns can't be banned.

    Guns can't be banned in the United States. The reason is because this is one of the basic human rights provided in the Constitution. While I don't personally agree with gun ownership, our forefathers did and created this right. That being said, I do feel that the government could be more involved in what types of guns people can own. No one foresaw people owning, or even needing to own, assault rifles.

  • No they shouldn't

    Absolutely not. I do not think that the US government should ban the sale of guns to civilians. It is against the rights we have as citizens to arm ourselves. It would also cause a huge outrage and people would rise up and fight to overturn the ban on guns.

  • No Gun Sale Bans

    The United States government shouldn't ban the sale of guns to civilians. Such a move would be highly unconstitutional given the Second Amendment. Plus, Americans have owned guns for hundreds of years, and they're not going to give up the right to purchase firearms anytime soon. We like our guns.

  • Not at all

    I am not a big gun nut or anything, but there still is a second amendment right. We should not ban the sale of guns to citizens, but we do need to provide background checks so that we are not letting felons or people that don't need guns to have them.

  • Protection from dangerous individual and organizations whether being governmental or private

    Guns are defense to a nation. If we don't have guns then we are disarming our nation and leading it wide open to attacks. With as many friends as America has now a days (sarcasm intended) we need to highest amount of protection. Also if guns are banned then that just means that law abiding individuals won't have them. If a criminal wants a gun they can easily get one, drugs are banned but look how easy they are to get. It would do more harm then good, and the government saying they want it bad is unconstitutional and very sketchy considering the second amendment was put in place to protect citizens from tyrannical government which we clearly have today with our "leaders."

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