Should the U.S. government be allowed to use drone strikes on Americans?

  • If there in a foreign combat zone yes

    While I do not think they should be flying around the United States or any noncombat zone assassinating United States citizens if they are operating as foreign combatants they should be treated as such. The last thing the military needs is to be checking identification before hitting a target they already have enough restrictions.

  • Absolutely not

    Absolutely not! The U.S government should not in any way use drone strikes on Americans. Drones are machines and using these types of dangerous machines which are purposely made for combat on American citizens is as dangerous as any dictator to pick target citizens. This law could easily be manipulated and could lead to hundreds if not thousands of innocent Americans.

  • No, the U.S. government should not be allowed to use drone strikes on Americans.

    Drone strikes are already a controversial topic, given some of the misses that resulted in the wrong targets being attacked. There is no reason why the U.S. government should even consider drone strikes on Americans. However, if we are talking about American bases of operation overseas that somehow are in enemy hands, then a drone strike would be permissible.

  • No, That It Called Murder

    No, American people should be guaranteed certain rights. And surely it is one of those rights to not be murdered by their own government. If the United States government has a problem with a citizen, they need to follow due process and take that person to court. They should not be allowed to just kill them without a trial.

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