Should the U.S. government block the American-US Airways merger?

  • It eliminates competition and raises prices.

    Alas, at the time of this writing, the American Airlines - US Airways merger is a done deal, the government has signed off on it, it's going to happen. I am still against this, as it reduces the number of viable national airlines in the United States yet again. Every time we lose an airline, it means competition goes down and prices go up and as always, the consumer is the one who is punished.

  • Bankruptcy = Less Airlines

    Glad the US DOJ let them merge. AA would have much more trouble getting out of bankruptcy and that might have led to job layoffs. Same goes for US Airways, as they would have had to cut routes. One strong airline is better than two weak ones. The new American is arriving

  • This country is capitalist.

    The merging of two airlines is just capitalism at work. These two airlines merging are said to become the most profitable airline in the country. In a capitalist country companies operate on their own and grow to the extent at which the market allows due to supply and demand. If the two airlines want to merge to increase profit, it is there right.

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