• students are future

    U.S. government should act upon the matter immediately. Students are nation greatest weath, they possess the power to change the nation's course. They are the future of the nation and it si the duty of the government to nurture them and bring polices to best suit the students. These policies must be able to slove the problem of student homelessness.

  • The U.S. government should do more about student homelessness

    According to, over one million students are currently homeless. Many schools have taken to aiding these students on their own. However, all schools do not have the necessary resources to accommodate and assist these students in the difficulties and unfortunate endeavors. This country places a great deal of value and importance on education. The government should definitely contribute more to encourage and promote education by giving the homeless students the tools they need to be successful in pursuing their education.

  • No socialist encouragement

    Not only would it encourage other socialist ideas, but we simply can't afford to spend on the unnecessary now. Students can live homelessly if they need to, good for them, I commend them. If they want somewhere to stay badly enough they'll probably find one. Live with some old lady, cleaning her house and cutting her lawn. Ben Carson was homeless for some of his college education and it was worth it. Perhaps he couldn't find a house to live in if he tried harder, but it doesn't really matter. He saved money (out of necessity) and got his college education.

  • No. The U.S. government should not do more about Student homelessness.

    If we are talking about college students, then no we shouldn't do anything to help them out. If they were able to obtain a loan to go to school, in that loan they would be able to get money for housing as well. As far as high school and younger students are concerned, there is already government assistance in the form of shelters and other things that will help the parents and if they are still living on the street, they can be put into foster care to give them the shelter they require.

  • It is the parents' responsibility to provide for their children.

    The government is not a parent and should not take on the responsibility of a parent. Parents must provide everything for their children, including housing. If parents cannot afford housing, they must utilize any government programs currently in place to find adequate employment that provides for all of the needs of their children.

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