Should the U.S. government fund stem cell research?

  • Yes, it can save lives

    Stem cell research has been proven to save the lives of a lot of people. I understand why people may be against government funding of it but if it can help save tons on medical bills in the future it is worth it financially to start funding now. When stem cells are available it's crazy to just throw them out due to lack of funding. They should be good through testing so we can work towards new medical cures.

    Posted by: jus
  • Yes I think they should fund stem cell research

    Why waste the cells of aborted kids? Why not use them for something beneficial if it must happen? I don't see a problem with doing so. That's not to mention the fact you can easily use adult stem cells to work with as much as you could use babies stem cells. So yeah I would be in favor of a funding for stem cell research, why not?

  • Yes, the U.S. government ould be fund stem cell research

    I fully support the judges decision. Even though stem cell research can help us discover so much and can possibly give us leads to new medicines to cure mass diseases, its not worth taking the life from a living human being. Basically, if the judge would have voted for it, he would have been granting the right for scientific abortions. The judge was right in this decision, seeing how there's a law protecting the right against stem cell research, and if I was in his position I would've done the same. The whole stem cell research thing. Although helpful, is completely uncivil and inhumane.

  • Stem cell research is not contentious

    Embryonic stem cell research raises moral doubts and should not be funded by a government that wishes to respect conscience. Adult stem-cell research (which is where progress is being made, as per the recent Nobel Prize) is perfectly acceptable and should be funded as part of the R&D portion of the budget.

  • Nobody else will

    Government money will probably be needed to get stem cell research moving because private industry tends to not research something until it is sure there is a profit to be made. That is not really a fault of private industry-- it is, after all, there to make a profit-- but somebody has to research things that will help society but are not immediately profitable.

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