Should the U.S. Government have more plans in place to prevent the abuse of military children?

  • Prevent ALL child abuse though

    Like why stop at just military children unless... are they more likely to be abused? If that's the case then we need to stop having a military altogether. Seriously! Why do we have war? It's 2016! If we legitimately need it, just use drones versus drones, so no living person has to die. Anyway, don't abuse children.

  • Yes, veterans and their families should have all adequate care necessary.

    By providing adequately for the physical, mental health, vocational, and educational needs of those who serve in the military and their families, the U.S. Government can ensure a better quality of life for our service members. If counselling services are readily available, a veteran can seek help for any problem they experience that otherwise could potentially lead to that veteran abusing their children.

  • Yes, The goverment should be limited but we must protect our children.

    Yes, the government should have more plans to prevent child abuse. Although the government can get out of control with spending millions of dollars and countless hours coming up with plans that don't work for issues that are tough to tackle, the protection of our children and the defenseless needs to be a priority. These issues start at home and should be fixed at the core, but kids and parents of abused children need to have a place to turn to.

  • I don't think

    I am disagreeing with strictly because it relates only to military children. Why wouldn't the US government have more plans in place to prevent the abuse of all children? It seems silly to me to single out only military children. All children deserve and should be protected against all types of abuse.

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