Should the U.S. government increase its contributions to Alzheimer's disease prevention?

  • As the aging population grows, it would be good to prevent Alzheimers

    An increasing portion of the population growing older. With the cost of caring for the elderly, let alone elderly with Alzheimer's it makes sense to fund research. Learning to see if we can treat or prevent this disease is a worthwhile investment, as someone with this disease requires almost constant care.

  • Yes, why wait?

    We should be funding medical research across the board more, particularly horrible diseases like this one. Most of us have seen somebody go through it and wouldn't wish it on anybody, there's no reason to not learn everything we possibly can to prevent and if possible completely eradicate this disease.

  • All help is needed

    Alzheimers is a terrible, terrible disease. I have watched it tear apart families as they watch their loved ones suffer from it. Anything the government can do to help prevent, treat, and cure Alzheimers would be very beneficial to every one. I have high hopes that one day soon we do not have to only prevent it but can also cure it.

  • Government Needs to Fund Alzheimer's Research

    Without a doubt, the United States government should make itself a leading force in the study and research of Alzheimer's disease. Only then can we truly start combating this disease, which affects millions of people annually. The fact of the matter is that government funding would help the cause greatly.

  • The U.S. government should increase its contributions to Alzheimer's disease prevention.

    The U.S. government should increase its contributions to Alzheimer's disease prevention. I think that anything that could be done to prevent or slow down this disease should be reviewed and studied. I think that it would be wise for the government to fund this research and help the people that are struggling with this.

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