Should the U. S. Government increase spending and funding to NASA?

Asked by: thomasm116
  • Yes it should

    NASA is capable of doing and inventing many cool things. But what could they do if doubled their budget? The government should stop spending on military defense and the Mexican border wall and start funding NASA and it's space programs. (and of course education, Infrastructure too)
    imagine what NASA could do with the military's budget.

  • NASA has enough funding.

    Currently, The government has allocated 22. 6 billion dollars in funding to NASA for this fiscal year. While that might not seem like alot for US government standards its certainly a lot compared to its competitors the majority of which have not made it past 10 billion in funding. The only aerospace company to make it past NASA in funding is Boeing with 25 billion. When it comes funding comparing NASA to the arguably most influential aerospace company of the decade, SpaceX, Its not even close. It is estimated that SpaceX raises 2 billion per year.

    The main takeaway from this is that more funding does not guarantee anything. What NASA needs to focus on is being more efficient with the money they have. Instead of wasting money on long meetings to find the perfect rocket model they should adopt SpaceX's more experimental process of trying many different models and perfecting the best one. NASA should try making rockets with reusable parts to decrease the time it takes to launch new rockets and make rockets cheaper to create.

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