Should the U.S. government lift the Cuban Embargo?

  • The U.S. should lift the embargo

    First off I would like to clarify that I do not support communism in any way. The Cuban people have been under an embargo for far too long. After almost 54 years of having the embargo, we do not see any changes happening among the Cuban government. First, the united constantly loses billions of dollars do to the loss of exports. Billions of dollars that could be contributing to building a stronger economy; lets face it the U.S. economy is not at its best right now. Not only do we lose money but we lose the opportunity to create thousands of jobs. You may be asking your self how these jobs might be created, well most of the jobs would come out of the increase of the travel and touristic industry. Not being able to travel to Cuba deprives U.S. officials from the tax that is in place on airfare. Airfare is expensive; meaning we would get a lot of money out of the tax of airfare. THE UNITED STATES IS BEING HURT BY THE EMBARGO.

  • Cuban Embargo Useless Today

    Decades ago the Cuban Embargo was a smart option to hurt an enemy. These days, the embargo is relatively useless and should be lifted. Americans and Cubans should be trading goods and traveling to each other's country. The embargo is no longer doing any good for the United States after all.

  • Cuban Embargo Is A Waste

    The Cuban Embargo has become a useless piece of legislation that no longer applies to today's political climate. There are items that Americans would love to purchase from Cuba that would probably help boost their economy. We would be far better off to lift the Embargo and stop shutting this unique culture off.

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