Should the U.S. government make English the official language of all 50 states?

  • Yes it should.

    Our Constitution is written in English. Most people speak English anyhow in this country. It makes sense. Spanish is spoken less and less by generation. In twenty years, English will still be the main language of the USA.

    Two things unite Americans: A love of democracy and the English language. Both of these must be obtained.

  • Most people speak English

    If people use different languages it will be hard to communicate. We are a melting pot but the immigrants like the irish,German and italians gave up their language and embraced english. Hispanics will have assimilate soon. We should speak english. Have a great day and a great month and life

  • Yes, English should be the official language of the U.S.

    Although the United States is a melting pot, the official language is English. When we go to other countries, they do not cater to us by printing everything in their native language then also in English. If people want to become citizens, then need to learn the language. It's only the right and logical thing.

  • Yes, the majority of the people speak English.

    The U.S should be renamed as the land where people forget their own culture, and so many people h already have forgotten and moved on, for you can't keep your culture in a land that has no culture whatsoever, so why shouldn't the government face the fact and move on?

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