Should the U.S. Government make it illegal for people with children to smoke considering the danger of secondhand smoke?

  • Yes, as an elementary school teacher, I agree that people with children should be prohibited from smoking.

    Second-hand smoke is often the more dangerous of the two. First-hand, second-hand, and third-hand smoke all reap negative benefits, especially around children. Children should not be around people that smoke, as it will destroy vital bodily components that are important for everyday life. I wish the government would pass something like this.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • Smoking around children should be made illegal, because it can be just as deadly as the child smoking.

    The government should pass a law that makes it illegal to smoke around children, the disabled, and the elderly. The dangers of second-hand smoke have been proven scientifically, and there is evidence showing that it is deadly. We make it illegal to put children in harm's way with laws preventing the endangerment of children, so why shouldn't we include smoking around them as well. It is just as illegal, as it is proven to be just as hazardous as other dangerous behavior.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Parents and people should not smoke around the children

    The government should pass a law that make it illeagal to smoke around children the disabled and elderly people. People smoking around infants makes me very mad because people know its bad for them and they keep smoking , they also know that it is bad for their children but they do it anyways.

  • Children can't speak up against the smokers in their home.

    A baby, toddler, or child cannot speak out against the smoker in their home. It is a choice they have to live with. Even when they are getting taught outside the home that cigarettes are harmful, they face grief and abuse if they voice it to the smoker in their home , especially if it's the parents. Smoking is probably the hardest addiction to overcome because it is legal, therefore a rude awakening from a higher authority may help the addict give it up.

  • Read the scientific literature

    People who say the evidence is weak are incapable to scientifically judging the research literature. The data are there and it is clear that SHS is involved in a number of diseases and illness. Our job is to protect children, so what are we not doing so more aggressively? Someone's desire to smoke should not outweigh the short-term and long-term health of a child.

  • Bad for kids

    Second hand smoking is a big deal and they should make a law that makes it illegal for smokers to smoke while around people under the age of eighteen. Smoking is not something they chose to do and they are being forced to deal with the consequences of smoking everyday.

  • Smoking kills YOU

    Why do we want our kids to have the same troubles with breathing like the users. Stats say that more people are killed from secondhand smoke anyways. I feel that in a way it is like murdering your children. This is at least manslaughter as well. Whether you love your children or not is not the question.

  • parents are supposed to care the most

    Its not 1920, everybody knows cigarettes are bad for you, what kind of parent would want their child exposed to smoke? A selfish one, who cares more about their nicotine fix than their child's health, they want to smoke they dont want to be an example. Parenthood is about what the child needs, not what the parent wants.

  • Target Shoot While Children Play Behind Objects

    Since second hand smoke is a proven carcenogin, parents should make every sacrifice to protect their childs health when smoking. If a parent does not know or care to know the dangers of second hand smoke, then the law should compel proper behavior just as it does with guns and seatbelts.

  • Yes, because second-hand smoke is a documented killer, and kids need to be protected by laws.

    Kids are vulnerable to their environment and need protection, even from their parents at times. With the huge increase in asthma, and also the dangers of second-hand smoke, it is important to establish laws that make parents not smoke around their kids.

    Posted by: Ramon Griffith
  • No, I disagree that the U.S. Government should make smoking for parents illegal, because they're the ones that make it legal to begin with, and telling a specific group of people that it's illegal is silly.

    I disagree that the U.S. Government should make it illegal for people with children to smoke because of second-hand smoke dangers. They are the ones that made it legal in the first place. Children are not the only humans exposed to second-hand smoke, so it would be silly to place this law into effect for that reason as well. What about people that work in bars or restaurants that allow smoking? Should customers and workers be told it is illegal, too? The bottom line is this: as a government agency, don't make something legal for only some people, depending on their health risks or other factors. That is overstepping boundaries, and if they were so concerned about it, smoking would be illegal for everyone.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • I oppose the government making smoking in front of children illegal due to the fact they shouldn't be involved in people's personal lives.

    The government needs to stay out of how we raise our children and I think they are too involved in what goes on in our personal lives. Most intelligent people would know not to smoke in front of their children for many reasons (health, setting bad example, etc.) but that is a personal decision that parents must make. I think it's bad to smoke in front of kids but if this law passed what would be next? We need to limit the government in our personal lives.

    Posted by: SilentIgnacio
  • The U.S. government should not make it illegal for people with children to smoke because it totally violates our freedom rights.

    I am a non-smoker and was raised with a smoker as a dad. I know of the dangers of second hand smoke, however, I feel that in the end it is the parent's responsibility to decide on this. Our nation was created because of the need of freedom of choice and by not allowing parents to smoke, it is violating our freedom rights.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • The U.S. Government should not make it illegal for people with children to smoke considering the danger of secondhand smoke because it would be too hard to enforce.

    The U.S. Government should not make it illegal for people with children to smoke considering the danger of secondhand smoke because it would be too hard to enforce. Outlawing smoking cigarettes in a person's private home is just not enforceable so it's ridiculous. If parents don't care about smoking around their kids that is a horrible thing, but sadly our parents do a lot of things that harm us and every bad thing can't be made illegal. Sometimes we just have to accept that people are going to harm their kids. We can't police them in their own homes. Make all smoking illegal in all public places and maybe in cars too but not in our homes.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • The government should not make it illegal for people with children to smoke because there has to be a point at which the government cannot make every decision for people.

    The government cannot police everything that everyone does. Yes, the parents should be responsible for not smoking around children, but the government cannot legislate everything that parents do. What would be next? Should the government make a law dictating how many servings of vegetables a parent serves his or her children each day? It would be a very big, intrusive government that was able to legislate and enforce such laws.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • No I don't think smoking should be illegal because the government shouldn't have that much control.

    The government is trying to get to much control over people's lives. I would be terrible if smoking was also controlled. You might as well not marry someone who has the addiction of smoking because you might have children. I think it is ridiculous. Why not encourage quitting instead by offering help to anyone who smokes.

    Posted by: Num3r0Kenn
  • No, it shouldn't be illegal for parents to smoke because that is an infringement of rights.

    However, it should be illegal to smoke around children by anyone in a home, school or car. I think parents who smoke should have to step outside or into a smoking area to keep their children healthy. I also think they should receive support if they would like to try to quit.

    Posted by: SamDude
  • No, it should not be illegal for people with children to smoke because it would be impossible to enforce.

    It should be looked down upon by the general public since it is obviously detrimental to everyone around the smoker, but it cannot become illegal. If it was made illegal for all parents, then tobacco could become a highly sought after product, almost to the extent that there is a black market for illegal drugs in this country. There needs to be something done, perhaps, but it is not something that the government should make illegal.

    Posted by: D_Sanford
  • The dangers of second hand smoke are not clearly established enough to justify the government banning parents from smoking.

    Science is clear on the fact that second hand smoke is harmful. The obfuscation of the tobacco companies of the 1990's is gone. But as any toxicologist will tell you, poison is in the dose. We allow parents to do all sorts of things that may be harmful to their children in some way; feeding them bad food, setting a bad example by drinking too much and yelling, even directly putting their lives in danger by treating real diseases with bogus cures such as homeopathy. I don't believe the dangerousness of second hand smoke has been clearly established enough to justify such an intrusion in parents private lives.

    Posted by: VultureDer
  • No, controlling people is not the way to go

    Voting away a freedom never stops with just 1. As soon as you do this. There is nothing to stop them for seeking more control. What's to stop them from saying prepackaged food is bad and shouldn't be eaten, or what you watch in front of your child. The list can go on. Should people do it, no I don't think they should. I don't smoke and think it's a worthless habit but I can't say I would vote or even support the idea of banning something.

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