Should the U.S. government make the use and sale of marijuana legal to benefit from the collection of taxes?

  • Legalize medical marijuana

    As far as I'm concerned, I don't know why this hasn't been enacted yet. Marijuana is a natural plant that has been used medically for years. It offers similar calming effects that anxiety relief focused pharmaceutical drugs do. The sale of Zanax and other anxiety relieving drugs have literally ruined some of my friends lives. The craving for some of these drugs is on par with herion. Sure marijuana isn't as strong as Zanax but it certainly is less addicting. The ease of obtaining Zanax even without a prescription is mind boggling, especially with the effects that it can have on the human body. Making marijuana legal may stray some of these kids away from Zanax and other pharmaceutical drugs that are making the Government a lot of money.

  • Medical marijuana saves people's life. WE NEED MARINUANA AROUND THE WHOLE U.S

    Marijuana is grown from earths ground. Freedom doesn't exist if nature is illegal. Marijuana is a natural "drug" that treats seriously ill people. Nobody has died from marijuana. Marijuana treats chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, depression. There is existing perscribed medications for those symptoms. There has been overdoses and deaths due to perscribed pain/depression etc. medication. Marijuana is natural and kills 2 birds with one stone. There is no negative about marijuana. Perscribed medication is not natural. Some People die and overdosed from perscription medication. Marijuana should be legal all over the U.S

    Posted by: Jguy
  • Is time to make marijuana legal nationwide

    Is time to make this legal. Government and corporations have no right to tell anyone what they can put into their bodies and drug testing is unconstitutional. Is time to let each person decide for themselves. Marijuana can be treated like alcohol and is time for the Feds to legalize. Anyone can get Marijuana off the street and many do not care if employers fire them which is also unconstitutional. Marijuana should be legal and taxed yet made affordable for those who need for medical reasons. Pharmaceutical companies want everyone to use their drugs which are more harmful than a plant. Is all about control. People are waking up and when a state votes for marijuana to be legal then that is what people want and government needs to conform to those who allowed them in office. Most of everything used to make marijuana illegal is fear and disinformation. I want to see Obama before he leaves office do us all a great favor and make marijuana legal at federal level and let each state decide for its self.

  • There should be no laws against what God has created.

    Being the spiritual person that I am, I fully believe God gave us plants to use for our advantage - cannabis included. Like many people, I suffer from depression and anxieties and while marijuana doesn't cure my disorders, it definitely alters my mind to view myself and the world in a different perspective. I'm able to focus my mind and energy on positivity rather than stressing over negativity. Because of weed, I don't need to take medication It's the best and safest alternative and it's all natural...So tell me, why is it illegal?

  • It will have a Great Impact in The Economy!

    I personally don't use marijuana, but the impact it will have in our Economy will be incredibly helpful. How one may ask, and my response to this will be taxes. Many people use marijuana and purchase it illegally, so why not make it legal and make some profit out of it. Have pharmacies sell marijuana and sell it by weight and have high taxes on it. Just take a look at Colorado notice the extra amount of money. This money can be used to make our state more presentable fix roads, buildings, highways, and something extremely important, the learning of our students who are the future of this great country/ state.

  • For the very reason that the Government lied for the very start!

    That said, it is time to put people in office that are really there for more than just themselves and their rich buddies! They force the Citizens of this country to hide from laws the are just treason. All this just to keep those in government jobs that do nothing but control we the real Americans the ones who built this country, fought their wars all for those that sit and do nothing! What a waste of tax dollars.

  • It's Just A Plant!!!

    In it's recorded 10,000+ year existence, there has yet to be a single reported death due to an "overdose" of cannabis, or more specifically, the Cannabinoid known as "THC".. In fact, science clearly shows cannabinoids to be beneficial, if not, essential for optimal health. The proper dose of Cannabinoids can effectively cure or remit most debilitating diseases.. That's why it is illegal, and will remain, so long as Big Pharma runs Corporate America! Happy New Year! Free The Weed!! :-)

  • It isn't harmful

    The taxes generated could go directly to the school systems. It needs to be rescheduled and have more research on it's ability to fight cancer, control pain and seizures. It's been over 70 years since "Reefer Madness" enough is enough. Sugar and caffeine are the gateway drugs. Regulate the fast food industry and our foreign policies the DEA could then focus on the more had core drugs

  • People need to wake up.

    Marijuana was only made illegal in the first place cause of a bunch of close minded white politicians used it as an attack campaign against other races. Followed up by 30+ years of false information and bs propaganda spread by the government and anti-pot groups.

    How can anyone sit here today and continue to spread negative propaganda about marijuana, when there's years and years and years of scientific and medical research that have proved everything negative about pot, WRONG.

    Anyone who still has the mindset that the "reefer madness" documentary was based on fact, needs a reality check. Wake up people. Marijuana is one the most harmless substances on the planet. It's complete stupidity to spend billions of dollars a year trying to fight nature.

  • Alcohol is more harmful yet legal.

    In addition to marijuana being a safer alternative to alcohol in helping people let loose, it can serve as great tool in helping people gain insight into their own personality. It can catalyze a shift in perspective and at times give fleeting moments of clarity. Alcohol, on the other hand, is a very confusing high, and at times can cause people to be very aggressive. Marijuana is not physically addicting and is great for treating symptoms of anxiety and has many other medical benefits. Alcohol is not only physically addicting but extremely detrimental to ones own health. It is shown in medical literature that withdrawal from alcohol is worse than heroin. My question is why is alcohol legal? In any case, marijuana, in my opinion should be legal. Let this prohibition come to an end.

  • You know little about weed so you shouldn't voice your opinion.

    People on weed tend to drive slower and are more cautious. You're comparing apples and oranges. Our highways would be safer if more people smoked. Please don't post garbage on here if you have no idea about the drug. Pretty soon you baby boomers will die out and the majority of the planet will be non ignorant to facts and not what reefer madness showed them

  • As the death rates will increase as certain people on weed will continue onto other drugs such as heroin and cocaine and die of overdose

    Its a stupid idea as children at school would get high and disrupt classes and grades and educations would be ruined and youth unemployment would go up. Other things such as financial problems would increase as addicts would be wasting their money. Crime would go up as people would run out of money and attempt to steal or vandalize property in order to pay for more drugs.

  • While I am not against the legalization of marijuana, I do not believe that the U.S. government should legalize any kind of drug for money's sake.

    I think it is fundamentally against the U.S. government's responsibility to protect its citizens for it to legalize the sale of a drug for monetary reasons. If the U.S. government determined that marijuana was not harmful or had medical benefits that validated its legalization, I would support that choice, but I do not support the government doing anything potentially harmful for revenue reasons.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • No I don't think offering another addictive product would be beneficial to our communities.

    Statistics say a lot of motor vehicle accidents are caused by drinking and driving. How scary. I am afraid that if they make Marijuana legal we will have the same kind of problem. It will be another thing that the police or government need to monitor and keep track. Making sure that people don't go over the limit and kill or hurt someone else. In my opinion it is another can of worms that I would not like to see opened.

    Posted by: Num3r0Kenn

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