• What is it with the Americans always on about their rights?

    Any government would be foolish not to monitor the Internet in the same way that governments have always monitor communications. As a person I expect to live in a SAFE county for this I am happy to trade away some of my privacy and expect some responsibilities.

    The idea that the movement will try and monitor ever bodies communication is ridicules and just uneconomic.

  • Experience answers the question!

    The experience we all have made is that the Gov "MISUSES EVERYTHING WHICH IT HAS MONITORED"! Our country is beginning to take form of a Nazi State of Being. Everything is being watched, monitored, segregated, rationalized, forbidden, new laws here new laws there... It's getting out of control of normality.

  • Freedom of choice

    The whole purpose of Internet was to facilitate knowledge sharing across borders, without any constraints. Also, adults are quite knowledgeable as to what is right and what is not. We, do not need the government to monitor our browsing history and then end up getting a prejudiced opinion about the user. However, in the case of protection of national interest, the government could restrict public access to certain sites. While, this is an appropriate way of tacking issues, a wholesome monitoring of the internet would be ill-advised.

  • They should not

    People are losing their rights daily and this would be another one. We have the right to freedom of speech and this would be one of them. People deserve to be able to do what they want on their computer without the government trying to be our parents and hold our hands. I am sick and tired of all the government bullcrap that is going on.

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