Should the U.S government pay people to quit smoking?

  • I think money can be a good motivation to encourage smokers to quit smoking.

    I have heard that there are large companies who provide wellness programs designed to help smokers quit. Employers often spend 600-1,000 per an employee to promote a healthy lifestyle, and an employee is often successful because money is a good motivation. Although, I am not sure about the government? Should our government pay people to quit smoking? I'd like to hear your opinion.

  • Not enough pros

    There simply isn't enough of an advantage to the economy/job sector of the US to warrant spending taxpayer money to have an incentive for people to quit doing something which the government already spent millions trying to get them to stop doing. It's ridiculous to think that the US needs to babysit its citizens. The US pays citizens to sacrifice something or be early adopters for the good of the country. This would neither benefit the country majorly nor contain a sacrifice, since quitting smoking is a benefit for the person more than the country.

  • This just has so many flaws...

    Why should the government pay for this? Yeah it can be a motivation, but:
    1-Most of the people are going to stay the same or start smoking again after they have quit.
    2-There are a lot of smokers out there and providing for everyone would be pretty hard for the government.
    And if the government does not pay the smokers a good amount I do not think the people will care. If the government wants to be efficient it would have to give a lot of money and this multiplied with the number of people smoking would cost A LOT.

    And don't forget about the people who would start smoking just to get the government support.

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