Should the U.S. government take further steps to regulate and control firearms in America?

  • People who shouldn't be getting their hands on guns ARE.

    Criminals with past charges with using guns are still allowed to get them. And then we wonder why there's mass shootings? There needs to be a bit more invasive background checking to be able to get a gun. A person caught with a gun on the street shouldn't be allowed to just keep buying them and risking their lives and others. People who have been diagnosed with mental disorders like schizophrenia are allowed to get them when they aren't even in there right mind? Like really? People who have no reason to NOT be able to get a gun shouldn't be worried about this in the first place, so why not have more background checks if they have nothing to hide?

  • 2nd Amendment...US Constitution; Gun control will not deter crime.


    This great nation’s founding fathers adopted the 2nd Amendment in 1791, which protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms in America:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    I believe that once ultra liberal politicians and voters begin (actually they have already begun) to chip away and erode our inalienable constitutional rights, American as we currently know it, will quickly begin to implode within and eventually crumble. Just read history…its happened repeatedly since the dawn of civilization. If the 2nd amendment were to go away, then guess what, so then will the 1st amendment, 3rd amendment, 4 amendment, and so on. Starting to see a pattern here America?

    Guns are just inanimate objects, no different than a car, a knife, a hammer or a baseball bat (all of which can just as easily kill people BTW). Hmmm, so lets outlaw cars, knives, hammers and baseball bats too. Yea right. Do you see how utterly ridiculous and useless gun control is!

    So you see…guns don’t kill people…people kill people.

    Lets focus on fixing the root of America's core problems: the mental health crisis, stop letting prisoners out of prison, stronger parental control over their children playing violent video games and TV, fixing our failed judicial system, and the list goes on and on.

    Besides…even if all guns were confiscated by the government, tens of thousands of illegal guns will still be easily attainable via the black market and the cartels.

  • No, there is too much control already.

    No, the U.S. government should not take further steps to regulate and control firearms in America, because firearms are already very regulated in the United States. The Second Amendment did not have any qualifiers on it, but already, the government says that some people should not have guns. They should not take them away from more people.

  • Spend Time Elsewhere than Regulating Firearms

    It is important to note that carrying firearms based on the 2nd Amendment have been around since the dawn of the age of the United States (since it's inception). The laws may have been utilized differently back then and that is understandable. Unfortunately regulating the use of firearms in America will not solve the black market that exists where current illegal firearms are still available and in high demand. Instead of finding ways to punish those that are abiding by the rules (except for a particular few) the major effort should go to investigating the black market of firearms and stop these businesses from growing. The more that we regulate firearms the more individuals will go to the black market to try and get what they rightfully deserve to own. At the same time, punishments should be more severe and treatment should be mandatory for those who misuse firearms so that it discourages teenagers from using firearms and it encourages them to be safe on the streets.

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