Should the U.S. government take steps to address the widening income gap, as the top tier of Americans gain additional wealth while those on the lower rungs stagnate or lose ground?

Should the U.S. government take steps to address the widening income gap, as the top tier of Americans gain additional wealth while those on the lower rungs stagnate or lose ground?
  • Yes they should

    The wealth gap is a serious problem in our society. Why should the top 1% control so much of the wealth? What the hell are they going to do with it? One of the people who said no stated that hard work should be rewarded but, have you ever considered that the poor are working just as hard, not to get money for luxuries, but to survive? The rich can work hard then relax but the poor have to work hard and keep on working. The main reason that the poor remain poor is not that they are too lazy to get out of poverty; it's that they have no oppurtunity to so.

  • Who is responsible for income gap?

    Several factors contributing to income gap in USA. These are:
    1. Governmental.
    2. Political
    3. People created.
    Governmental: Lack of diligence in tending to the necessary basic needs like Security, Shelter, and substances for sustenance.
    Political: Every elected Person to serve the Country as a STATESMAN, simply tends to his/her personal security to be re-elected for selfish gains.
    There is hardly any tendency to serve the country as a STATESMAN to help the people and the country. Attempts to dominate by one political party leaders on the other party but who cares about the people?

    People: have the only power of A VOTE. That is also taken by soliciting political leaders making fake promises to be forgotten soon after election.

    Steps to close income gap.
    * Re-evaluate basic needs and unnecessary funding on the pretense that Govt. Is responsible for everything and then increase taxes as source of income. That is wrong. Let people be responsible for their own needs and actions.

  • We must take steps to address the expanding wealth/income gap between the top 1% Super Rich & the 99% middle class & poor working families.

    We don't want our country to become just another Third World country, do we? Our children and posterity will never forgive us if we allow that to happen. Why are the Republicans hesitating to work at creating Consumer Demand and thus, Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs? The reason is simple, the Republican Party does NOT want to create jobs for middle class and poor American working families--they don't want our children to be educated either. Why? Well, it's because intelligent voters are more difficult to fool and educated children grown up to be intelligent voters. Just look at the whole picture, Republicans hate immigrants, minorities, students, the elderly, labor unions, the unemployed, women, our Veterans, etc., and what do all these people have in common? Yep, they all have a tendency to vote Democratic. Yep, it WALL STREET versus MAIN STREET. Or, as other people say it, it's the 1% Super Rich versus the 99% Middle Class and Poor. Me? I just say that it's the Republicans versus the Democrats! ~Abel

  • Is that the Kind of America that we want to Leave our Children and Grandchildren?

    Yes, of course, the U.S. Government should take steps to address the widening income gap.
    The problem with Republicans is that they think that helping our wealthiest citizens is the path to follow but they're wrong. Meaningful change comes only when help is given to middle class and poor American working families. And, one more time, CONSUMER DEMAND IS WHAT CREATES JOBS! What's here that our Republican friends do not understand?

    For Republicans who cannot believe, just examine the widening economic wealth/wages gap (between the haves and have-nots) that keep growing even as I type. Is that the kind of America that we want to leave our children and grandchildren? Just another Third World country? I sure hope not!

    Although these Tea Party Republicans control tons and tons of money, We, the People, have economic interests that we must protect with our votes for the good of our country and our own precious families. We have the responsibility of informing those among us who still believe that the top 1% Super Rich represent something good for our country. We have to show kindness, tolerance, along with the truth and love so that more and more of our people, the 99% Middle Class and Poor Working families will join us in a movement that will turn things around. We can no longer afford to allow these selfish people to continue obstructing programs that could be investing in our youth, our roads and bridges, our research and development, our technology and future. As it is, our entire nation is suffering because of these selfish people, their greedy corporations and we must stop them cold. Yes, we're in trouble but President Obama is not at fault. The American people know all about their wars on credit, their prescription drugs program, also on credit, and all about the failure of the top 1% Super Rich and their greedy corporations, to pay their fair share of taxes. Now, Republicans want to see middle class and poor working families pay for free loaders who are very wealthy? Rest assured that we do NOT go along with this idea. And don't blame the President for the failure of the very wealthy to provide us with jobs, jobs and more jobs as were promised. Aren't they supposed to be the job creators? We are still waiting and the Republicans must be held accountable! ~Abel

  • Government got us into, it should get us out.

    Blame the Reagan-era economic polices that broke Unions and labor rights. It gave more leeway to the corporations(who rest on notions of self-correcting free markets). Now we wound up with ever increasing wealth gaps since the Reagan administration. It seems everything that FDR fought for which made America prosperous was suddenly destroyed due to short term memory loss tendencies (or outright historical ignorance) from the right wing/pro corporate Republican camps.

    I have worked on minimum wage between college semesters. I have seen my parents accept lower salaries and more work or get laid off. Conditions of "offloading" work and cutting pay aren't new concepts! It happened during the Great Depression!

    Funny then the industrialists hoarded most of the money and invested heavily in political corruption. With modern accusations of lobbied crony capitalism, historians and economists comment that we have reverted back to those days when nepotism and privilege gets you on top, not hard work and integrity: core American values

    Here is my question to those who do not agree that the government should do something. 1950s American prosperity was not the products of hard work and integrity alone. It required the crucial element of a democratic government that listened to its people and implemented regulations to protect them. Republicans back then (like H Hoover whom did nothing to alleviate the Depression) clung to misguided notions of trickle down economics and accused FDR of socialist policies. The question is: aside from post Red Scare propaganda, who in the right wing camp actually can explain socialist ideology in a civilized manner?

    Perhaps we should shed the pro-corporate propaganda fed to us over the ,sat 2 decades about lazy civil servant "takers" and the old "hard work vs las" mantra. Speaking as an overworked college grad who had to balance activities, school, practice, community, and work; don't lecture us about hard work! Tell that to the majority of corporate CEO's who got in through connections and nepotism rather than actually working hard to start a company on their own and innovating.

  • Financial Circulation

    The separation can't possibly continue as it has. This has nothing to do with who works harder than who or how smart someone is. This has to do with simple economics. The rich do not and could not possibly spend their money in such a way to help the economy. By coveting what they earn and holding it in offshore accounts and such, only keeps it out of the circulation of our economy. Those at the top don't deserve so much cause they work harder or they are so much smarter. They earn that money from the people who work in their companies, No people, No company, No money. The people, the workers are the driving force for companies and government. Pull a CEO, CFO or a board member and a company can survive, pull out the employees and its dead. We the people of the United states reached deep into our pockets and bailed out the banks and car companies. I am not debating if that was a good idea or not, I am stating that every top exec that ran their company poorly was paid and even received bonuses. No interest was tacked on these loans (stupid) and all that did was screw the taxpayer. If the baker down the street was financially in trouble he would not pay himself and take out a loan on his house or car. I could go on here but I must digress, I think you get my point. Remove a man/women from power and money and they are nothing more than a street person living in a whole, after all where did we find the rich and powerful Sadam Hussein.

  • Take steps by doing less

    One of the main reasons why the income gap in the world has been widening so much in terms of real income is because of the government. Across the world, big corporations and bankers receive subsidies, low-interest rate loans, and many other financial gifts from central banks that use inflation, via the massive printing of money, to enrich themselves and their allies. When the money is printed, its purchasing power remains the same as if the supply of it had not increased. Therefore, the first receivers benefit by spending free money with no bad consequences. This is how the federal government goes to war so often. But by the time this money has reached the bottom of the market and been exchanged continuously between middle class and poor consumers, the market has assimilated the new supply rate and rose prices, creating inflation. The government needs to abolish the Federal Reserve and all other governmental involvement in the financial sector in order to reduce the massive income gap.

  • Yes

    There is a correlation between income gaps and the onset of recessions, and although we dont know how they are related it is in the Governments interest to try to reign it in for the sake of everyone.

  • Historically, societies that fail to address income gaps risk revolution.

    History has shown numerous times what happens when income gaps get too wide. As the gap widens more and more, anger builds in the lower rungs of society. As the upper rungs are viewed as controlling society, the lower rungs begin to feel that the only way to fix their situation is through revolution. After all, if society is controlled by the people you view as being unfairly advantaged, the only way to fix the situation is to change society. Governments that fail to address these growing concerns tend to be overthrown eventually and dramatically changed.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • I feel there are way more middle-class people than there are wealthy and, if the gap gets wider, people aren't going to be able to spend money, if they can only afford to buy the bare necessities.

    People are losing their jobs, the unemployment rate is higher than it's ever been, since I've been alive, small businesses are going under and more and more people are losing their homes. I feel if they don't do something soon, we will be in a recession.

    Posted by: OmniscientJustin46
  • The U.S. should not take steps to address the widening income gap, because it is happening for a reason.

    The U.S. has been built on the premise that if you work hard, you will succeed. Many of the socialist views that are coming into play now are trying to say we need to change our system, to take from the rich and give to the poor. This is a way of rewarding bad behavior, and why should those that work hard have to pay for it? The income gap is happening for a reason, and that is because there is starting to be too much laziness around.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • The government should never cap people's income, because we are capitalists.

    The very thought of capping income or redistributing wealth is horrible. In America, we all have an equal chance. This is not a caste system. Those with high incomes are earning it. Even if at the particular moment they aren't doing much in the way of actual work, they had to work to get to the positions they are in. Anyone can do it, if they tried hard enough.

    Posted by: Bubba
  • The government should not take steps to address the income gap, because it is part of our nation's identity that hard work pays off.

    One of the fundamental ideals that America is based upon is the opportunity to build your life and gain a fortune through hard work. It has long been part of the identity of Americans, that a person can improve their life by working hard, and governmental handouts are antithetical to this ideal.

    Posted by: MannP4rk
  • No, because in our capitalist society, the government should not interfere with how much wealth an individual may accumulate.

    It is not the function of government to determine how much wealth an individual may accumulate, because setting any limit will stifle production and creativity. In a free economy, the most productive and most creative individuals will reap the greatest benefits as a reward for their productivity and creativeness.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • No, the U.S. government should not take steps to address the widening income gap because the richest Americans are the job creators, if they lose more wealth it will make a lot more people poorer.

    No, the U.S. government should not take steps to address the widening income gap between the wealthy and those on the lower rings with less money because if you take more of the wealthy people's money then much more people will be poor because the rich create jobs and spend money. It is not the government's job to try to make things equal for everyone. This would create total havoc in our economy. Free market capitalism, which is the American way, is the way to make more people wealthy. We should not punish success.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • Big brother keep your hands out of my pockets.

    No the government should never put a cap on the income of others. Why take away from people who work to put in the hands of those unwilling to work. Jesus wouldn't do it and neither will I. What that would be doing is punishing those that have a income and reinforcing those that don't. I don't means those that can't work I'm only speaking of those that are able but refuse to. I say let them earn big, some day I may be looking for a new job.

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