• Yes but with a clear and transparent set of rules.

    I believe in the domestic use of drones (without weapons) to enforce our border & seas...As well as employing them to help our government agencies catch "bad guys". But there MUST be clear and transparent laws that restrict their use by our government in order to ensure our 4th amendment rights and privacy are not being violated.

  • Eyes only

    Something has to be watching in countries that we don't expect the leadership to be honest with us. Places like Yemen have massive Taliban influence and it would be very foolish to expect cooperation if we're trying to find people, we need to look for them ourselves or we'll merely be told they aren't around.

  • People don't get the privacy they deserve

    This is just another way for the government to spy on people. This is exactly what the Government want's, they want someone to know what is going on in other peoples lives, I say no because the government is trying to use the drones to do thing some people do not want.

  • No, privacy is pretty clear

    The bottom line is the citizens of the United States have rights and they need to be able to expect those rights. One of the main rights is privacy. If the US has reason to believe someone is doing something illegal its one thing but if they are not doing anything and its just for monitoring, no.

  • Drones are not necessary domestically.

    This is an issue of basic rights to privacy, and our law makers should fight to prevent this. At what price are we paying to have this done, and where will it end? It is a slippery slope when your start giving up your own freedom in hope for more safety.

  • The Government Shouldn't Use Drones Here

    I think that using drones here in the United States would not be a good idea. There are other places that they can be tested and used. We have enough dangers to worry about here in the states without having to worry about drones. Keep the drones somewhere else, not here.

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