Should the U.S. grant amnesty to illegal immigrants?

  • The truth of the matter we are all immigrants

    Have you all forgotten about the pilgrims who migrated from Europe to America, or about all the immigrants that came to Ellis island, those are only a few examples of the many I could name. Unless you are a Native American I'm sure all your ancestors are immigrants who migrated in search of the better life you now live. The same goes for all illegal immigrants that continue to allocate to the United States, they are just like everyone else who are seeking a better future for their families and themselves. These illegal immigrants, that you say take your freedom away are deprived of so many factors, they encounter hardships only to provide or hope for a better life. As for those who are saying that they are taking jobs away from others, this is cynical because they are only filling the positions that many Americans dont want to do and in a way we should thank them, because many are doing the dirty and hard jobs that I know most of you wouldn't do for the little pay that they do it for. Also we all pay taxes, all of us, yes this includes illegal immigrants; and the interesting part is that for those illegal immigrants that are using fake documents to work they don't receive the tax money back that most Americans receive every year. If they are coming into this country illegally it is not because they are bad people or criminals, but only because they are not being granted the same liberties that many have. Just think about a few of these things and put yourself in their position. Would you do it to better your life?

  • They and their families are already here.

    They are already here, and they are just too many. Most of them have never committed a crime. They have children here and we cannot split up families. They pay taxes and support our country. In order to get all of them out, the only way is another Holocaust and that's just impossible.

  • Illegal Aliens Should Not Receive Amnesty

    Illegal Aliens are a detriment to our economy. They drain tax payer dollars and lower the standard of living. They are highly unskilled, and can contribute almost nothing to an advanced society. Furthermore, some even commit crimes while here. We have laws that say they shouldn't be here, we should enforce the laws we put in place.

  • Illegal immigrants should obtain citizenship.

    Many illegal immigrants today live in fear. There have been numerous occasions where illegal immigrants have been arrested and even deported when they have done nothing wrong. This causes many families to be separated. Just put yourself in their situation where you came to this country for a better life but end up arrested and even thrown back from where you came from. Many illegal immigrants hope one day that won't be the case. Until then , we can only hope legislators make the right decision.

    Posted by: note
  • If they have lived here for years & committed no crime, why not?

    They have lived here, worked here, have children here. They have become productive residents of the country, so why not make it legal? Especially if the children are US citizens. You would either have to break up a family, or deport our citizens, who would then receive a substandard education & come back someday able to apply for government benefits to support them because they would not be able to find gainful employment for their families. Think about it!

  • Yes the U.S. should grant amnesty to illegal immigrants

    These people are simply trying to make a living, to start a new and better life, who are we to begrudge them for that? We all come from an immigrant past, our ancestors migrated here from elsewhere just like these people have. Would we have viewed them like we view these people? I somehow don't think so. So yes, we should grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, it's just the right thing to do as human beings, regardless of politics.

  • Yes for an amnesty

    Many people think that they don't pay taxes and they are bad people but they are not. All people pay taxes they are giving to the country but what is America giving back to them nothing. There are many who have lived in the U.S.A for many years and have never committed a crime. Some have lived here most of their lives and have not ever been back to their home land. It is the right thing to do and a great way to help the nation.

  • They help our economy

    An illegal immigrant will contribute $80,000 more to the government than he consumes in services. The government is really the one whose making money. 2% of Mexican immigrants have ever used welfare or social security and only 3% have ever used food stamps. In comparison, 84% pay income tax and none of them file a return.
    Think about it.

  • Several Reasons why they should be allowed

    The government has always been welcoming. After all, the words under the Statue of Liberty talk about a "golden door" that welcomes immigrants. Why then, should it remain closed? Not only that but many say that they pose a threat to our safety. Think of it this way. If we count all the everyday heroes and put them next to the ones that are repeated in the news, you will find a drastic difference. Also, by allowing immigration to all, won't there be no such thing as illegal immigrants? Finally, we as humans are 99.99% percent genetically similar. What, then, makes us so better than the rest? Shouldn't we share our blessing with everyone else? Anyways, this, discrimination by saying that they are from another country is no better than saying whites are better than blacks.

  • Keep Families Together!!!

    I am a victim of having my family torn apart because of our broken immigration system. It is only right for children to have their mothers and fathers together. If they have a family here and are willing to work and support their kids and spouse they should be allowed amnesty!!!

  • They are a burden to America and its people.

    I do not believe in amnesty for illegal immigrants. We should not grant people who come to our country illegally a way of freedom without punishment! They come to our country and use all of our freedoms, but at the same time they do not pay any taxes and they take all of the jobs that we Americans do not have. That is a reason that so many are unemployed. They take all of the jobs that the unemployed do not have. They should not be granted freedom without a punishment. I believe in a way for the illegals to get freedom, but they should not be allowed to come illegally, and then granted amnesty without any sort of punishment.

  • Adding 33 Million Illegal Criminals To A Job Market With Massive Unemployment Is Beyond Stupid.

    As usual liberal Democrats aren't interested in the American people, only in their party. Illegals (Mexicans in particular) have dumbed down our educational system, caused an economic collapse, deflated wages for American workers, driven health care and car insurance rates through the roof, caused an epidemic of identity theft, auto accidents and disease, tripled the number of food stamp and welfare recipients and filled our prisons beyond capacity.

    Why would anyone want to reward these destructive criminal invaders with amnesty?

  • Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers. Education, medical care, prisons, translators, court appointed translators, Medicaid, crime, welfare and undercutting American workers pay, when they work illegally in the U.S.

    Read the recent report from the HeritageFoundation. It states that amnesty will cost us 6.3 trillion dollars. No other country in this world allows invaders that disobey all laws; driving without a license, no insurance, illiterate, needy, uneducated and demanding support. Where is the benefit to us? There is none.

  • No, amnesty should never be granted

    As a Veteran and defender of this great country I can say I have a great personal care for the U.S.A. And its future. The majority (not all) of illegal immigrants do not nor will they ever care about the U.S. Which will lead to a slow but steady erosion of our military, education, and overall application of human rights benefits, and standard of living on a mass scale. Just look at the fall of the roman empire, it was non roman immigration on a comparable scale that we have today that led them to their demise, mixed with the greed of the government.

  • Illegal is illegal.

    We do not grant amnesty to a sex offender and say, "well you have been a fully functional citizen in this community for x amount of years, So you no longer need to register as a sex offender." There is no statue of limitations on being in this country illegally. This is a HUGE slap in the face for all of the people who have immigrated to this country legally, that have gone through the system. That has EARNED the right to be called a U.S. citizen.

    Posted by: MCat
  • Not fair to legal immigrants, who are waiting for years to come to USA

    High unemployment, plus the people they would bring into USA in the next 10 years (30,40 millions),would bring overpopulation and more poverty to USA. Please senators do not approve amnesty.
    Oh and let's not forget the high crime already in Mexico and Central America , do we want all that in the US? I don't think so

  • "Illegal" being the key word here.

    The rate of crime increases exponentially in states with high numbers of illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrants are just that: illegal. They enjoy the freedom that American citizens get, but do not support the country with taxes. America has a high rate of unemployment, so the old argument that illegal immigrants take the jobs that no one else wants is incorrect. Illegally crossing a border is a crime. Why should they be rewarded for it?

  • Illegal is illegal

    The truth of the matter is right there in the name, ILLEGAL immigrant. We have laws for a reason, and illegal immigrants have broken these laws. Particularly with the state of the economy and level of unemployment in the US now, it simply makes no sense to me to grant amnesty to people here illegally when there are legal immigrants and citizens that could take those jobs on their deportation. That doesn't even consider any cost of schooling, medical care, etc, added by illegal immigrants.

  • We can coddle illegal Mexicans but the end result will be "we" have to be willing to live like one.

    I hope the "yessers" in this debate have traveled and have experienced how Mexicans live. The lower middle class (there's some debate whether we have a true middle class anymore) will pay and live @ the same economic level as the illegals. It will be a law of equilibrium. If they get everything for free plus healthcare, they will be living the same lifestyle as the ordinary American without the worries! Be careful what you wish for, you probably will regret it.

  • They are ILLEGAL!

    Illegal immigrants are breaking laws in the country they are in, thus gaining the title ILLEGAL immigrants. If they aren't supposed to be in this country now, then why should we grant amnesty to criminals? The president and the Gang of 8 need to realize that they cannot support these criminals. If the Mexicans want to come to this country, do it the right way. Don't sneak over here and expect things to be handed to you, especially when they aren't paying taxes or contributing anything to society.

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