• Karl Marx was right!

    Rich aristocrats are stealing from the proletariat at an alarming rate! Without more restrictions on our economy, which hopefully will tend towards communism, we are on a deathly track to economic downfall as increasing inequality will divide humanity irreparably and cause a nuclear war! Please write your congressman to advocate for a maximum wage of $21.34 an hour!

  • only public companies

    Private company owners are good at pay for performance. However, public/listed company boards hove not proved very responsible about this to the detriment of share holders short and long term interests. CEO Pay is only one incentive among others like providing best product or service. A good study case is BMW vs VW - first is majority owned by a family with self imposed pay caps while the later one is public with exorbitant pay. If a CEO is unhappy with pay cap they can to start there own private company.

  • There should not be a maximum wage.

    People go to school for years to be able to make more money than others and that's not right to take that from them.

    Certain jobs work harder than others and require more education than others. These kinds of jobs should get paid more than jobs with hardly any effort and education put into them.

  • No, a maximum wage would limit productivity.

    A maximum wage in the United States is an outrageous and preposterous idea. Once a worker reached the maximum wage, what would be their incentive to keep producing quality work? This would be such an infringement upon freedom. As long as you are earning your wage honestly, you should be allowed to earn as much as you possibly can. Limitless success is part of the American dream.

  • No, the U.S. should not have a maximum wage

    There should not be any changes, statues and/or laws that encroach upon the options that already exist in the US. An arbitrary maximum wage would set major implications that would be totally contrary to the pursuit of the American dream and an individual's right to better them self. No, there should not be a maximum wage in the US.

  • It shouldn't

    I agree with the sentiment below. The incentive to go as far as you can and do the most meaningful work you can find will die for some people if their earnings are capped. You should be able to make whatever it is you're capable of earning as long as it's through legal means.

  • A Maximum Wage Is Not Necessary

    The idea of a maximum wage is stupid in my opinion. Placing a salary cap on how much someone can make is not a good idea. People should be able to make as much as they can and not have to worry about going over some random number the government created to limit them.

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