• yes,It worked for the EU.

    Think of what we could save by opening the borders! Not only the costs of militarizing the border, and hiring guards, but the cost to the border economies on both sides caused by hours of delay in crossing the border. The cost of border militarization could be redirected to education, economic development, creating a vibrant North American Union that would provide true security for our children and grandchildren. Let us return to the state border friendship envisioned when Pat Nixon opened Friendship Park celebrating what we can do if we bring together the communities in Tijuana and San Diego.

  • America for everybody!

    America was founded on immigration. Immigration is the cornerstone of the American lifestyle! We must encourage immigration, not run people out of the country on a rail! The more immigrants we have the more diverse our society will become! And diversity is always to our advantage in the long run!

  • Common sense

    I have always liked exploring places and seeing new things. In this way borders make little sense to me at all as I like to ask why can I not visit there (I understand other peoples houses are different).

    It is also unlikely that we could kick everyone out forever. Like the Mongolians and the Great Wall, if people are determined enough they find a way. Lastly America was founded without true borders. People really could just show up and be considered Americans. The borders have been drawn through war and bloodshed. Explain to me why we need to keep every last Canadian out. What makes the so different and what would be so bad if we created some North American system that allowed people from the US, Mexico, and Canada from traveling freely between each country. That is the main question.

  • We are ALL Americans!

    The reason for this headline is for me to understand how United States citizens have more freedom to travel through the Americas but for the rest of Americans like Central America and South America , people have to obtain a visa knowing we all from the continent of America, just look at the map! Big companies are moving to other part of America ie: Central America and South America , we are all Americans (united in land mass) and just because your United States citizens doesn't make you perfect, look at Puerto Rico they have they own flag and they have more freedom to the USA then those that are living in America and I mean ALL of America! We are one continent, yet separated by hate, greed and power aka: governments and banks. Remember humanity and we all bleed red! And under God we are all one! Please respond I would love to hear and understand more about this subject!

  • Should we have open borders?

    We should have open borders, but if they do it should come with a strict set of policies. I say that because it would limit the amount of illegal drugs and maybe even terrorists in the United States. Also because it would allow easy access to outside of the "borders".

  • It can help the global poor.

    See this article in The Atlantic: http://www.Theatlantic.Com/international/archive/2013/04/if-people-could-immigrate-anywhere-would-poverty-be-eliminated/275332/

    "Though he generally disagrees with the standard arguments against increased immigration (that immigrants take jobs from native workers, increase crime, take more out of the system in welfare than they put back in taxes, and hurt their countries of origin due to so-called "brain drain"), Caplan understands that some developed-world workers could see a minor decrease in real pay. But whatever downsides there may be, he wrote in a 2011 post, "the upside of open borders would be the rapid elimination of absolute poverty on earth."

  • Yes, it would be the best way to reduce world poverty, grow the US economy, and benefit global human rights.

    Reduce/eliminate world poverty. There are enormous income gaps between nations, with some countries enjoying per capita incomes over 100 times greater than other countries. Most of the world's dire poverty is located in the poorest countries, and migrants who move to rich countries see rapid increases in their earnings. Often they benefit those who stay behind as well, through return migration (with skills and capital) or remittances. Economists have estimated that open borders would double world GDP, and these enormous income gains would go disproportionately to the poorest.

    Grow the US economy. Immigrants are disproportionately entrepreneurial, and because of basic supply and demand will be likely to fill gaps in the existing job market. They can reduce the wages of some workers but probably raise the wages of natives overall, through the complementarities of native and foreign labor, and their impact on land prices is unambiguously positive, creating windfalls for homeowners without making suburban homes more expensive for natives, since it is always possible to convert more rural land (there's plenty) into suburban housing developments. Indeed, they might make housing cheaper by lowering building costs. Debt per capita is necessarily reduced by immigration, and since immigrants are disproportionately young and often have higher birthrates than natives, they help to solve the long-run problem of population aging bankrupting the Social Security and Medicare systems.

    Human rights. Open borders would aid human rights in many ways. For one thing, people could escape from regimes that grievously violate human rights. This already happens and asylum programs are supposed to accommodate it, but they tend to be nightmarishly hard to navigate simply because there is such a powerful incentive for merely economic migrants to use them. Undocumented immigrants, though they made the choice to come and are presumably better than at home on average, face the constant threat of deportation and often of forced separation of family members. The 1986 amnesty tried to deal with this, as, hopefully, will another amnesty this year, but the underlying problem remains, namely, that there is an incentive to come here illegally, and the creation of mixed-status families naturally follows. The only way to escape this problem is to have open borders.

  • Yes, it would increase the tax base exponentially.

    Maintaining an open border would increase the tax base exponentially, and immigrants could invest their money instead of hiding it under a mattress. The increased work force would make it a more competitive job market giving employers the opportunity to keep business and manufacturing in America by driving out the Unions.

  • Good ideas about open border

    If we open the Mexican border it could open up trade and make the U.S. a better country and grow the economy. Everyone should have a fair chance in life and this could help the immigrants start over. We are all one. It could save cost of militarizing. We could hire guards to protect the border.

  • We are One

    We are all one people. Brothers and sisters regardless of physical differences. The earth belongs to all of us and if we want to someday become a planet of peace and harmony we must begin by recognizing this. Opening the borders will not be without its problems, just as the ending of slavery brought with it a wave of complicated issues, however, like ending slavery, it is simply the right thing to do.

  • Open borders? No thank you.

    Immigration has to be measured to maintain the balance of services and economic growth. We simply don't have the ability to absorb anyone who wants to pop over. We aren't unique. Canada doesn't allow open migration. The main reason the EU was initially successful was that the economies of the included countries were stable and fairly similar. As that deteriorated, The EU deteriorated.
    The people flooding from the southern border are all unskilled. They will compete with your maid, Your gardener. They will compete with your teenager for a job at a fast food restaurant. They will compete with those who pick produce in our fields. Compete for housing, Schooling, Pay, Healthcare. Most, If not all require services that outweigh the benefits we get from them. Homelessness will continue to rise, Children without proper food will rise, Healthcare will continue to rise, Schools will be more burdened with overcrowding.
    Ask those folks if they want floods of others competing for their already tenuous job. Ask those who are already out of work, Those with low paying jobs if they want MORE people competing with them.
    Regulated borders is the only way to maintain a prosperous economy and a help to all.

  • No you liberals

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  • There is no even distribution of migrants as they tend to settle in communities like mine...

    I dont have a problem with immigrants, only illegal immigrants who ignore our laws and upset the quota system the US has in place; plus it is not fair to the people who come in legally.

    I live in a community where the quality of life has been disrupted by the influx of illegal immigrants. Public transportation is crowded day and night where one cannot get a seat. There was a time when you travelled at certain times of the day, the train or bus was practically empty...No more. There are long lines and crowding at stores, banks,post office etc much more than in the past. Now, you have to wait months before getting an appointment at the doctor. Schools are so croweded, that my friend had to wait a year before registering her child for school...And it goes on.
    I have more respect for those who are pro open border to also be pro having settlements for them to set up in their communities, this includes politicians, advocates etc.
    Stop pushing for changes and policies where I have to pay the consequences......
    There are enough poor, homelessness etc already with citizens that needs to be addressed.

  • No, because no country can have open borders and still maintain law and order, economic prosperity, and social stability.

    Why do we not see open borders adopted by other countries? Because policy makers realize that open borders will bring chaos and uncertainty. As long as this world has the construct of sovereign countries, open borders will never be adopted, at least not by those countries who have a semblance of economic prosperity.

  • Bringing in the wrong people

    It's unfair to the immigrants who plan to stay here and make a life here, rather than just people coming in. I think the immigration policy should be made easier, but just saying, "I'm done! Let's just let everyone in!" isn't going to help. Drug trafficking, kidnapping, and overall crime rate would increase because anyone can cross. Also, it wouldn't help people struggling with human rights issues in their home countries, as they could simply be kidnapped and brought back. Look at North Korea. Solders cross into China and kidnap defectors. They even cross into South Korea. Want this to happen? No.

  • Absolutely not .

    We are turning into a nation of idiots What has happened to common sense . What about economics Would you let someone walk in your front door without even knocking .If they did would you start buying there food and clothing . Would you give them cash to live on every month . Would you pay their doctor bills and or insurance payments .Why do terrorist have more rights than us .

  • Unrealistic to let anyone in your house.

    Most countries require that you can prove an income to support yourself before being granted citizenship and pass a citizenship test. America with open boarders would create a third world country of poverty if every non productive person were allowed to come over and go on welfare. When someone knocks on your front door and you don't know them do you just let him and help themselves to your home comforts? There is a reason you don't let strangers into your home. Immigration does need reform and easier to come here legally but without rules there would be chaos and a heavy price to pay.

  • US Supports the World Now

    If 47% of US Citizens can't live without Government support \, then how would letting untold masses into our Country help anyone? We are teaching our kids that the laws only apply to you if it suits you??? Illegal means one thing, it is not open to your own interpretation. Since the US is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, how many people would come here if we just opened the borders? Thinking has left the building. Thanks

  • The Bad Side to People

    We are a world of immigrants, and we come from different places and origins. We should try to help immigrants, but having an open doors policy would destabilize our national security. If we allow anyone into our country, then will be at risk of a war criminal or serial killer entering our country. We should help our friends in times of need, but there have to be limits on who deserves to come in. Those limits keep us, our friends , and our country safe.

  • The threat from terrorism is real.

    I believe there are a large number of people throughout the world who would like nothing more than to enter the USA and commit acts of terrorism. An open border would make it much more difficult to detect and apprehend these individuals at the border before they enter the country.

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jrdtechnologiesapps says2014-06-21T08:28:11.460
Yes the US is not a country it is a piece of land taken over by anglo saxon whites by violence. The borders need to be take down now, and allow EVERYONE to come in, US Citizens will benefit from this because when there is not any requirement for a "Citizens " then everyone will be equal. Having a border is racist and makes anyone who can not get in feel discriminated against.

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