• We definitely should have

    In my opinion, I think that the US definitely should have gone to war with Iraq. After 9/11, we can not let these terrorist attacks keep happening. We can crack down on security in our country. However, we also have to go to the source of the problem, in Iraq. In New York and New Jersey, everyone was terrified after 9/11, everyone else in the country didn't understand, so they were against war. People thought that it was for oil, but it was not. Bad things are happening in their country and it is starting to effect the US, so we have to step in. I don't understand when people say that they were not a threat. They killed thousands of people and are constantly killing people in our and their country. They are a huge threat, so, going to war with Iraq was essential for American safety.

  • I served 2 tours in Iraq in the US Army SF.

    Not only should we have gone, we did the work of God for those people. We built schools, helped the poor, treated the ill, trained them to fight and defend their mother land, and I personally saw the pride and courage on many Iraqis men and women with their purple thumbs voting for the first time! It is a good thing Saddam is DEAD AND GONE! God bless America. How is it working for us and Iraq now that our president has disgraced the work and service we did in Iraq just for his political promises? All of the seasoned Generals advised him not to pull out of Iraq at the speed he did and certainly not announce this withdrawal to the enemy. What does President Obama know about military tactics. He fired the wise Generals and kept his "yes" ones. I am so sad for our military today under this administration! Nevertheless, God bless America. May we soon get wise, Godly Leaders to help us.

  • Think about this logically

    Although Saddam Hussain didn't have any weapons of mass destruction (Or th UN weapons inspector didn't find any) he was still doing pretty terrible things. He was commiting genocide and oppressing political opponents. He may not have had a direct link to 9/11, but America believed he was, and i feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Yes we should have attacked Iraq they just make the world a less better place and their bad people

    Iraq needs to be wiped out or their just going to make Earth a worst place for us and their going to destroy the U.S if their not stopped their soldiers are growing slowly each day, weak, month, and year meaning their becoming stronger and stronger and when they get stronger they get harder to defeat

  • Yes we should have.

    Saddam was threat in the middle east, a tyrant and dictator of iraq. What the people in this country (USA) don't understand is that countries like that control everything (that they can) that enters and leaves the country. What I mean is censorship. People don't want to live under oppressive governments but their words can't be heard because if they complain or speak out against their government they are either thrown in prison or killed. This is the reason why people are brainwashed in North Korea, because the government controls everything! So don't say that "if they needed help they would have asked for it". If a kid has his mouth duct'd taped and is being beat up by a bully and you watch it happen, what would you do? "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - Martin Luther King.

  • So many of you are so uninformed it makes me sick.

    Do any of you have any idea how bad was in Iraq under Hussein? He just killed people for no reason. There are certain times when we need to stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves. Everyone who voted "no" are such idiots it's disgusting. If the only reason we went there is so Bush could prove something to his dad, why did the DEMOCRATIC congress approve it? I bet you idiots didn't know that the president can only send troops over for a certain amount of days. We went over so we could get rid of Hussein and help the Iraqis. Our troops created such a better environment for them. Maybe you should really educate yourselves on why politicians do things before you go around screaming about how stupid they are without even knowing what's going on.

  • Yes, the US should have attacked Iraq.

    The US did the right thing at the wrong time. Bush could not have picked a more incorrect time, surrounded by auspicious circumstances. We had plenty of reasons to invade Iraq any time after Desert Storm, but Bush felt he had an excuse and opportunity post-9/11. Because of this, the US was viewed as unprovoked aggressors by much of the world (particularly the mid-east) and people lost sight of the benefits of eventually having a stable Iraq, a goal which was made all the more difficult because of that exact timing. In other words, the US should have invaded Iraq .. in 1991.

  • Saddam only cared about augmenting his own power

    Saddam only cared about his own power. When he came to power he put at least a 1000 people to death who opposed him. This included people in his own party (over 200). He continually purged his government and would seek out Jews, or anyone who opposed him and execute them. His men policed the streets and would round up people for execution. Saddam invaded Iran because Iran expressed a desire for regime change in Iraq. Iran however had not made a move towards war. Only words. This war drained more treasure and men then Iraq could afford. He didn't care about his people or if they were starving. He only went to war for his own power. Saddam used chemical weapons on the Iranians. Killing thousands. Saddam had been to war several times with the Kurds. At the end of the Iranian war he attacked the Kurds with a vengeance using chemical weapons. I think maybe 50K between Iranians and Kurds. He also had 8000 Kurds in prison and had them all executed. Soldiers found mass graves in Iraq and torture chambers. 60 Kurds (women and children) ran and hid in a cave. Saddams men set the cave on fire and when they tried to escape, they were all gunned down. Saddam went to war with Kuwait who actually supported Iraq in the Iranian War. He demanded money from Kuwait to pay them back for the war with Iran. When they refused he invaded their country. Saddam was broke from being at war. He wanted to take over this rich county. He wanted their oil. Saddam also provided sanctuary for terrorist as long as they didn't bother him. Iraq was a place for injured terrorist to escape to. They could get medical attention. He sometimes used them for his bad deeds. If nothing else the Saddam regime committed massive crimes against humanity. The terrorist problem is so severe that it will take more than going into to one or two countries who sponsor terror and we need the free world to help. Saddam Hussein was a terrorist who definitely was fighting for hegemony and would go further and wouldn't hesitate to use terrorist organizations as a means to an end.

  • Yes because we needed to show that

    America will not fall in the face of any enemy whether that enemy threaten our allies or our homeland. As a country we must not fall to those who wish to do harm to us. The war in Iraq was to stop those who so deeply hurt us on September 11th. And to protect our allies from being hurt as well. The threat of there terror groups was ever growing and we had no choice other than surrender. If we were to surrender to those who hurt our fellow Americans that would be the same as allowing murderers to get away unpunished. We persecute those who are willing to commit such atrocities and we will, we must as the superpower of the world do in our best ability preserve peace in the world. In order to find peace we must be willing to fight and to sacrifice to bring those to justice who are willing to disrupt this peace. We as America must be willing to make the hard choices and the war in Iraq was America helping to preserve the peace that is the ultimate American goal.

  • Im In shock

    I can't believe how many people say no and if you are living in america you just disgust me like actually make me sick to my stomach do you even know how bad these people are they literally killed innocent people for no reason during 9/11. Honestly get rid of the source of the problem wipe them off the map they deserve it they celebrate 9/11 will we greave in sorrow because we lost are family members I would have already done what needed to be done make Iraq disappear with the M.O.A.B bombs what they did to us need to be done back to them. Iraq just watch your ass because were coming soon and you will get what you deserver.

  • No because they dont have tacos or chciken

    Why dont they have tacos or chickens like its just not right its crazy that is the best food ever they dont even have burritos or nachos or tortillas or hamburgers or cheese sticks and cheese sticks real good yup mhmmm.I love me some cheese sticks lil ugly dude get with the program suddan lil ugly dude

  • Yes because they dont have tacos or chciken

    Why dont they have tacos or chickens like its just not right its crazy that is the best food ever they dont even have burritos or nachos or tortillas or hamburgers or cheese sticks and cheese sticks real good yup mhmmm.I love me some cheese sticks lil ugly dude get with the program suddan lil ugly dude

  • Do you even know who resides in Iraq?

    Iraq has never imposed imminent danger to the U.S. There was, and is not any kind of connection between Al-Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein. Islamist extremists are actually enemies of secular Iraqi Baathists. This war would create a power vacuum, which will open the door for islamic extremists, giving them the opportunity to establish a caliphate(ISIS). Not only all of these things, but That war would cost over $2 trillion, and I think we all know how badly we CANNOT afford that. It is not America's job to build other Nations that are not our own. What about making ours the best it can be before we start to worry about other Nations.

  • It was gonna be like hell over there now us has to fix it

    They shouldn't have gone into iraq cause there just makeing fun of us .And it will be along time if we just killed incent prople who are wairing black that's bs there not goona really do what they say .Its not we need to just build a wall around them in and out

  • The US destroyed a country and drove them to practically the 14 century.

    Iraq and Afghanistan were amazing countries before being attacked. The war began and now they both share a deep loathing of this country, a religion that was obviously made my crazy people, and sorrow for the millions of people who died. Sorry for not coming up with a more "intelligent" answer, I just had to point out the obvious.

  • Like father like son

    Bush wanted to finish his father's work and kill hussain, it was the part of his presidency bush sr wasn't proud of. Bush also was predisposed to coming into iraq to protect his oil interests. I doubt he actually believed there were WMD in iraq, and more than a decade later, we're still feeling the reverberations of our decision.

  • No to Iraq

    When you say "oh Saddam was randomly killing people..." that is found around the world. Look at China, multiple countries in Africa, and even Russia. Although killing people might be publicized, it definitely happens in those areas. But beside that, most of the war hawks in the Bush administration said American forces would be out within THREE MONTHS. Yet, a decade later we were just starting to get out. On top of all that, the pro war side kept changing their goals for war. First, it was Iraq was responsible for 9/11, so we should capture their leader, then to stay there and keep companies like Boeing and Raydon profiting and thriving, we decided to search for WMD's. Then we NOBODY could find any, we "needed to lead them to democracy because we should be the world's police force". We should have never gotten into a mess this big.

  • We should not have gone into Iraq

    No, I do not think that the United States needed to attack Iraq after all. All that the Iraq War has become is one gigantic costly mess, and we should instead invaded another terrorisitc country like North Korea or Iran. Nothing was really gained from going into Iraq overall in the long run.

  • No they should not have

    The politicians who started the war were probably greedy for more of the stupid resouce oiland told a very big lie tothe world.Many civilians were killed in this unnecessary war ,some of soldiers on both sides did war crimes such as murder, rape and other horrible stuff.I wish the Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election so that unnecessary war wouldn't be as atrocious as what bush did.

  • Nope America shouldn't had attacked Iraq

    What's the point? Even if Saddam Hussein attacked other country with chemical weapons, he knew we would crush them like a cake. Plus the war killed a lot of civilian who had family to take care of. And the troops created the better environment? Yeah...That happened...Just kidding, they didn't. They killed a lot of people, and created a lot of ruins. We also had a lot problem to take care of in US. A lot of family lost their loves one in the war, so it's didn't create better environment for them

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