Should the U.S. have become isolated (yes) or joined WW1 (no)?

  • We had to help other nations, and defend our own from any attacks from Mexico.

    The Zimmerman note stated that Mexico would be getting any and all territory that they capture and Germany will help them out. We needed to stop this as soon as possible in order to halt any further attacks on the US like unrestricted submarine warfare caused us. There are reasons why the US should not get involved too, because only a few people were killed by this war that were Americans. If we joined this war then many more of our soldiers and citizens would be killed, which is something that joining a war does to a nation.

  • No the us should not have joined ww1

    Because kids might miss their dads and the dad might die . Their dads might become missing in action or MIA. They could become killed in action or KIA. The kids don't want their parents to die and have one parent like me I have one father no one deserves that. That is painful.

  • US Interests Not Served in Wartime

    The United States should have remained out of World War I because the conflict was, by definition, a regional dispute among struggling European countries. The only reason we got involved was because our ships were attacked while protecting munitions supplies being sent to Great Britain. The United States should have remained neutral and not shipped goods to anyone in order to stay out of the war. Unfortunately, war is good business. The United States benefited economically from the war as the allies purchased American goods and supplies to maintain the war effort.

  • It Showed America That War Is Money

    The sheer fact that America was upholding the lend-lease policy with GB at the time was enough in of it's own. Further involvement in the war required America to start accessing the private sector for war production. As the nation became enveloped in the ordeal, it thrived in an economy bent of making war materials and thus was the first step of America's place as a global security superpower. America not only won this world war, but the next, and thus the ego of the nation was inflated and has led to a degradation of appropriate action as seen with Vietnam and the nine-year war in Iraq.

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