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Of course they should have.

  Think of it, they killed about 15000 people, but if they didn't do it, who knows what could of happened! The war have gone on and on and billions of people could have died! Yes, they could have just stopped at Hiroshima, but still! They killed thousands to save millions.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T12:17:13.773
Actually they killed about 180,000 in Hiroshima and about 80,000 in Nagasaki.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T16:36:37.507
Billions?!?!?! Are you senile? Deranged?
Anonymous says2013-04-27T17:53:05.077
It was actually 64,000 in Hiroshima
Anonymous says2013-04-29T21:23:21.880
Still it isnt fair to kill many people you know.
Anonymous says2013-05-05T06:04:10.617
Wow, I really hope no one mistakes anything on this page for fact. :/
lena16 says2013-05-16T14:50:19.977
There were about 105,000 killed between the two, and about 199,000 casulaties. That's a lot of innocent civilians killed, not just soldiers who volunteered to die for their country. Women and children and the elderly were all killed as well, not to mention the radiation poisioning that lasted for generations, casuing cancer, leukemia, birth defeciancies, etc.
Logicplease says2016-01-19T08:10:27.443
In total it was about 250,000 deaths and the war would not have gone on because at that period Japan was at the border line on resources and Germany their ally was defeated making them the only fish in the water they would of been defeated easily.
Arschgeige88 says2016-02-18T16:25:38.513
Before you write something like this you should make a little research. First there were more than 15000 people killed by the bombs. And then seriously? How should billions of people die when there were only around 1.75 Billions around 1900. So lets say there were 2.500.000.000 around 1945 then the whole world would have been dead. Furthermore not even half of them were involved in war! God thanks that America is so great for saving us. Let me guess you're going to vote for Trump?
ThatGuyJimBob says2016-03-11T14:40:46.293
I like how you checked the amount of casualties, a whopping 15,000 check your zeros
ThatGuyJimBob says2016-03-11T14:41:16.460
I like how you checked the amount of casualties, a whopping 15,000. Check your zeros
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