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The U.S had to drop the bomb

  The dropping of those two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was very bad. However, a land invasion would have costed an excess of one million American lives. The Japanese of the 1940's would have fought to the last inch of that island, and the body count would have been astronomically higher if the bombs weren't dropped.
Anonymous says2013-02-27T23:31:45.493
The statistic of one million is political dribble that America is used too
Anonymous says2013-03-06T16:22:17.570
The statistic of one million is a lot more than 110,000.
Anonymous says2013-04-18T01:18:07.130
In Iwo Jima 6,821 Americans were killed, and 19, 217 were captured. 21,844 Japanese were killed. That was a tiny island. Imagine how many would be lost on a large island stocked with troops, bases, and factories. One million lives is not political dribble.
Anonymous says2013-05-22T16:35:48.537
It would have NOT been 1 million
Anonymous says2013-06-16T13:20:18.227
Please note that an invasion would have cost soldiers, not civilians, dropping a nuclear weapon killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.
Anonymous says2013-08-01T00:59:43.977
The civilians would have been caught in the cross fire. Imagine if japan came to the US you think the would differentiate between soldiers and civilians if they were vying for control of the city?
skye.krueger says2014-04-17T14:35:41.297
All America had to do to escape the oncoming land invasion was surrender. They just couldn't accept the fact that the Japanese were beating them, so they decided to do something thousands of times worse than what Japan did at Pearl Harbor. Not to mention that most of the victims of the atomic bombs were innocent people, not trained soldiers. They didn't ask for the war, they weren't fighting the war, but America killed them because of the war anyway. If America had just surrendered, no more people would have had to die, whether they were willing soldiers or civilians. This was not the only way to end the war. Destroying cities and causing so much devastation to a country until they were so crippled they simply could not fight anymore was not necessary to end the war. America could have stopped it right then and there, but they were too proud to accept defeat
NoLongerAPotato says2014-05-05T18:36:44.667
^That would be like winning a war only to surrender because your enemy refuses to!
historybuff123 says2015-04-08T02:54:08.877
Japanese were beating them. We were at their doorstep preparing for an invasion and you think they were beating us. The best word to describe that statement and your whole argument is comical. Reading you post makes me laugh because of how you only think of the emotional aspect. If we surrender we would let ourselves and many other countries be put under a tyrannical government.
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