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No they shouldn't have.

   If you were a small 5 year old child and you were just sat inside your house with your mother, and suddenly, the whole world seems to have disappeared and you're dying....Well, it's not really a great idea to drop atomic bombs then, is it? Yes, Japan was totally wrong in attacking Pearl Harbour, and going along with the wrong side, but in the end, sometimes you have to think about the negatives before the positives. Japan had already lost (even though they wouldn't admit it to themselves), and the U.S., England and France had already won. Japan were the only enemies who were still trying to fight. Fair enough, if it weren't for the bombs, Japan mightn't have surrendered. Who knows? But murdering the millions of such innocent lives isn't really the best answer. Nor is invading. Maybe if the government came up with a better plan then that would've been necessary, not nuclear bombings which has totally wiped out any chance of world peace. Killing and injuring millions of innocent people isn't the best solution to ending a world war, in my opinion. In fact, if I had ended the war like that, I would have it on my conscience forever. I would feel like a murderer who got away with it.
Anonymous says2013-05-24T02:19:05.887
200,000! I cannot believe how uneducated and misinformed people are about the atomic bombings! The bombs were aimed at garrisons and war production factories! It was the only way to end the war quickly and without American casualties. I'd feel better knowing 200,000 of Japanese died than 100,000 Americans and 100,000 Japanese. Japan launched an unprovoked assault on America. They deserved the bombing.
Anonymous says2013-07-29T17:33:16.080
Japan kill 250,000 Chinese civilians Its war they got what they deserved
Anonymous says2013-08-01T00:54:38.783
The only other option was mainland invasion of Japan which would have resulted in many more civilian deaths. On Okinawa the Japanese would booby trap civilians to slow down the marines. The bombs had to be dropped to stop the blood shed
bob555bob says2013-12-14T06:01:01.617
You can't look at a debate like this emotionally. You failed the second you did. Besides you're making up statistics. This is an awful attempt at a debate.
jrgillespie says2015-04-29T03:07:53.393
Didn't kill millions - killed about 120,000. Get your facts right before you make accusations about stuff like this.
emmiiilly.kay says2016-02-23T18:33:59.707
1. Killed around 200,000 not millions
2. Japanese were not ALL innocent, though some were. Children were being taught in school to attack American soldiers and crawl under tanks to trigger explosions
3. Japan would not have surrendered because of the Samurai Code which basically states you are either to be killed in combat or kill yourself before you surrender.
4. WWII was considered "total war" in which all aspects of life are devoted to the war.
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-25T13:51:33.567
^ All your facts don't change anything.

Your first fact doesn't make the U.S. anymore innocent, they still killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Your second fact again does make the US more innocent, they still burned a great amount of innocent people

Your third fact is half true, but Japan were on terms of surrendering. The U.S. however, denied them all.

Your fourth fact isn't morally right. There are rules of war.
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