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The atomic bomb was the best choice.

  If the atomic bomb didn't happen a lot of people would have died for no reason. The Japanese only kept fighting because there leader was making them. All the had to do was just kick him out or something. They started the war so they deserve to bombed. It saved millions of people lives.
Anonymous says2013-05-03T03:27:07.603
People died for no reason anyways!
Anonymous says2013-05-10T17:01:27.257
A lot less people died for no reason though. Also, it was Tojo that was forcing them to fight on, not Hirohito.
Anonymous says2013-05-19T16:16:41.257
It wasn't Japan who started the war. They were part of it though. Besides, what if you were a six year old child, walking down the streets and then suddenly, a bomb comes crashing down and the whole world seems to be gone away from you?
Anonymous says2013-05-29T17:14:39.743
What if questions are one of the most commonly used faulty rhetorical strategies
zenRoxas says2013-10-31T00:12:45.420
Hirohito felt he had no say in the matter, until he finally spoke up after the second bomb and told Japan to surrender.
swong2000 says2015-08-08T09:28:37.913
So they deserved to be bombed?? So are you saying that if you start a fight, your entire family needs to be beaten up along with you??
Logicplease says2016-01-19T08:12:08.067
Its not simple to just kick a leader out of control when you have the whole military believing that hes a god. Its all propaganda
Arschgeige88 says2016-02-18T16:36:41.797

So basically like Vietnam or Iraq. Well of course they needed democracy and the US needed oil. Good deal! Maybe you should have dropped a bomb on Bin-Laden. I mean he blew up some of your favorite towers :(
ThatGuyJimBob says2016-03-11T16:51:14.697
There emperor was not making them fight, they were willing to surrender under certain terms, but they were fighting because of bushido
R.Raegan says2016-10-25T13:00:26.930
I do support the dropping of the bomb, but the emperor wasn't making them fight. The military was, because of their samurai history and the bushido code. On top of that the emperor didn't have much political power at all, the military had most power. The emperor could really only have final say in bigger decisions. Sure he was reluctant on bombing Hawaii, but he still did it. At least the U.S. gave them a warning which they choose to ignore.
ashley678 says2016-11-16T04:44:56.040
Alot of people did die for no reason.... This is so comical. Have you ever thought that if recently American bombed Russia and for Russia to get back at American they dropped an atomic bomb on Florida and you have family in Florida who died due to the bomb who didn't even support the war. I promise you that that your comment would change in a heartbeat.
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