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Yes, we should have!

   We dropped the bomb because the Japanese were ruthless jerks who dropped bombs on us first. They destroyed our ships making it to where we couldn't ship as much and defend ourselves. They tore apart Pearl Harbor so much that they could have invaded there and took over and they were sad they didn't. It was only fair that we bomb them in return. It may have killed hundreds but they killed our people, too!
Anonymous says2013-05-24T14:38:07.323
Hundreds? No, we killed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS
Anonymous says2013-05-28T09:48:49.473
Technically americans killed a few million due to atomic fallout after the following years, and again to disease caused by radiation (however, im positive the americans had no idea about fallout etc, considering the amount of american soldiers they affected during the tests of the atomic bomb, i disagree with the use of the bomb on cities, but hey, war is war, thats what happens.)
Anonymous says2013-05-28T15:56:19.727
Really only hundreds
Anonymous says2013-06-25T18:46:10.987
Oh no Pearl Harbour- the Americans lost a couple ships and 2 cats died. That's what it's like relative to the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Well says2014-03-30T19:16:13.087
How could u say that ^^^^^^ what happened if u were in your pj's eating breakfast in the mess halls only to realize that that will be your last meal. Yes we did loose only a couple thousand of our troops compared to the a-Bombs on Japan but that still didn't make it okay. Japan got what they deserved. We did what they did to us, but stronger. The bombed us without warning. They had a chance to surrender but they didn't. They brought it among themselves
towlinejiga says2014-05-01T18:09:46.377
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were industrial centers, used to produce weapons, it was an effort to cripple their production so they couldn't keep attacking. Also we used nukes as a method of intimidation. From what I heard from an unreliable source we said "surrender or we will annihilate you." They refused so we dropped a nuke. We then said "surrender or we will annihilate you.". They refused, so we dropped a second nuke. At this point we were out of nukes, but one more surrender beckon and they gave in.T would be like having someone punch you in the face, then you just stand there and let them keep punching. Thats just not the way America does things. Never has been, never will be.
TimothyChan says2014-06-15T07:47:11.263
Therefore, it is the reason why you can pollute others land for 100+ years?
kittythefabulous says2015-05-08T16:09:04.663
Remember that rule from when you were younger...I think it went something like two wrongs don't make a right. Americans should take note!
swong2000 says2015-08-08T09:27:09.247
Yes @kittythefabulous please, soldiers know that the job they do carries high risk. Its not "fair" to murder CIVILIANS. Your argument makes no sense as it would be "fair" if Japanese soldiers were killed. This is an entire city dude. Not a mere harbour.
Chaserod says2015-12-08T14:53:21.667
The Japanese civilians were kamikaze and if they saw a American soldier they probably would have shot him and walked away
Logicplease says2016-01-19T08:07:28.273
@chaserod i don't think you understand what kamikaze is
HeavenlyPanda says2016-07-15T21:25:32.930
We may have only killed hundreds. Hahaha, really? No it's " we may have killed many thousands. "
Eli_Kees says2017-01-13T17:20:58.630
Although I support the bomb dropping, I do not agree with your reasoning. Vengeance is NEVER a good reason for ANYTHING.
AshleyJ says2017-12-04T04:46:41.700
Chaserod, You CLEARLY do not know what the Kamikaze was.
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