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Quick ending to the war.

  The us wanted to end the war quickly without costing the lives of more soldiers. So the president agreed to drop the bombs. It made the Japanese surrender because they knew that if they continued the war they could not win. The atomic bomb's destructive power would have defeated them anyways.
Anonymous says2013-04-09T02:33:40.030
The bomb was unnecessary because Japan was at its weakest when the bomb was dropped.
Anonymous says2013-04-18T01:12:36.383
The Japanese had three days between the atomic bombs to surrender, but they wouldn't.
Anonymous says2013-05-10T17:05:22.640
The bomb wasn't unnecessary. The Japanese would have kept fighting regardless. On Iwo Jima there were 21,000 Japanese soldiers to start and right about 250 soldiers left at the end. The Japanese would have fought tooth and nail until they were essentially wiped out, civilians included.
jessviel says2014-04-17T14:46:25.787
Why did the war need to end so quickly? Why did we need to kill and destroy japanese cities to end the war? We didn't have any more American soldiers killed, but we had innocent Japanese that were not even involved in the war killed. The Japanese were fighting us with regular fighting styles, and then we brought in a whole new style that they weren't even aware of. We told the Japanese to surrender, but they had no idea that we were going to go to the extreme of dropping a nuclear bomb on them. Dropping the bomb was coward, and showed we thought we couldn't handle fighting the Japanese in the same way they had been and were fighting us. There were many other ways we could of "saved" American lives and end the war that did not involve totally decimating innocent Japanese and their cities when they weren't aware we were going to.
VengefulSinner says2014-06-15T03:53:16.353
It was either that, or let the Soviet Union march right into Japanese territory. And they didn't give a damn if they lost lives since Stalin was a cruel dictator.
183078 says2016-05-18T15:56:33.267
The USSR was far better than any other nation. How dare you call the USSR evil, i mean look at the american empire if you want an example of an evil empire.
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