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Yes i do think we should have drop the bomb

  I think we should have dropped the bomb on Japan they deserved it. Remember at Pearl Harbor, they bombed us. The war would keep going until they were tired of fighting or until they didn't have any more men to fight with or even if they didn't have any more equipment to fight with. I think you should agree with me.
lena16 says2013-05-16T15:02:37.390
2,386 Americans died in Pearl Harbour, and while that wasn't right, I don't believed that justifies the approximately 105, 000 that died as a direct result of the atomic bombs, which isn't including those injured or those that died later due to radiation poisioning. Japan was already running out of resources and defenses at that point, and the war likely would have ended soon after even without a mass attack by America.
Anonymous says2013-06-03T20:52:49.843
Actually, between 30 and 60 thousand civilians were killed
Anonymous says2013-06-05T01:07:12.613
And the civilians were not innocent because this was a total war.
Erry says2013-06-19T17:46:02.287
In case of Perl Harbour most of the victims were soldiers or person who were related with army. There were only a few citizens who died because of Perl Harbour. More over, many victims were killed by the American weapon. Of course the weapons were not supposed to kill Americans, but.. That is the fact.
Anonymous says2013-06-23T14:59:33.597
Civilians not being inocent?? Are you crazy? There are people who had nothing to do with this war and should have not been killed. They WERE inocent!
Anonymous says2013-07-18T10:22:16.517
We are all innocent, we all have families and what not. So regardless war shouldn't have happened.
Anonymous says2013-08-01T09:24:41.927
That is entirely ignorant! "And the civilians were not innocent because this is a total war". You're basically saying that you, a citizen, wouldn't be innocent if your country decided to go to war. Think before you speak, and you might be able to sound less stupid the next time you do. Or maybe you just don't have an as large capacity for thought as I do. Now back on topic, unless you caused the war or are a soldier you are entirely innocent. That is how it works. ~11YOPoliticalNerd
skye.krueger says2014-04-17T14:25:15.543
If America wanted the war to end so badly, why didn't they surrender? This bomb was used to force Japan to surrender, because America just couldn't throw up the white flag. American soldiers were exhausted after four years of continuous fighting, and the Japanese were clearly winning. The U.S. could have ended the fighting at any time, but they didn't because they just couldn't stand to lose. And as for Pearl Harbor, that killed less than 2,000 military personnel. Those bombs killed at least 140,000 people in Japan, not to mention took out entire cities. Even now, the effects of the atomic bombs are killing the Japanese today, with children suffering from birth defects and thousands getting leukemia. Those bombs did way more damage on them than theirs did on us. Besides, what ever happened to two wrongs don't make a right? Aren't we taught that from day one?
NoLongerAPotato says2014-05-05T18:41:59.733
Skye, your logic is flawed. We were already in a position of superiority to the Japanese, and while the entire war was a terrible thing, putting an end to it quickly instead of going into attrition was the right decision.
TimothyChan says2014-06-15T07:40:02.007
So if you think that its ok to kill innocent people and give a nuclear pollution for hundreds year just because they blew up a stupid harbor. It's up to you
historybuff123 says2015-04-08T02:50:46.707
So people are down right stupid. Dropping the bomb saved lives
RaymondD says2015-04-15T03:25:51.797
You people are morons. The bomb should have never been used.
swong2000 says2015-08-08T09:24:54.507
All's fair in love and war, but this is NUCLEAR we are talking about. I encourage all those who agree with this to go to Japan and talk to some of the few survivors. Please. Have some heart
Logicplease says2016-01-19T08:05:48.780
You have no evidence to back this up
sihoosecond says2016-03-14T18:15:40.193
I'm pretty sure the people that died in Pearl Harbor were less than 70,000.
HeavenlyPanda says2016-07-15T21:22:19.953
You Amricans didn't like 9/11 right? It was the talk of the year and everyone in America knew about it. So imagine 9/11 happening again in not just New York but lets say Los Angeles or another populated city. And this time pretty much all the buildings fall down in both cities. That's how it was like in Japan except that 105,000 people died and about 90,000 were injured. Would you really wish a 9/11 that's that devastating on another human being?
MaxxinePower says2019-10-04T06:34:57.213
First off the casualty count between pearl harbor and the atom bombing shows an appalling difference doping that atom on japan was over kill even taking pearl harbor into consideration 146, 000 innocent CIVILIAN men women and children died in atrocious way and that just Hiroshima about 80, 000 died in Nagasaki that's a total 226, 000 innocent human beings died and only 2, 403 people died in pearl harbor so who gave more of a devastating blow too the country population the Japanese too the Americans or Vice Versa?
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