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   What if that was your Family member, Friend, Lover. What if that was you fighting in the war. Would you want to get killed, So all people who said we shouldnt have dropped the bomb i think you need Think agian because without that bomb we would have lost more than we killed so think about that maybe just maybe you will change you mind.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T18:31:13.457
I would fight for honor
Anonymous says2013-05-03T13:50:46.600
Your thinking only for America, and not other places of the world. Think for others.
Anonymous says2013-05-10T17:02:46.477
Think of you and yours before you think about the people who have an extreme hatred for you.
Anonymous says2013-05-14T00:19:44.917
Yes, well, Imagine you were a Japanese soldier, and your Family member, Friend, or lover, who was not a soldier , but actually completely innocent in all regards to the war. Now imagine the idea of fighting for honor, and these enemies gunning down not you, but the unsuspecting Family member, Friend or lover to get you to stop fighting. Pretty sure that's some type of terrorism.
jessviel says2014-04-17T14:39:55.207
What if you were Japanese? How would you feel if that was your family? The Japanese had no idea what we were doing to them and didn't deserve it. Most of them were innocent civilians that weren't involved in the war and got killed just because they lived in the area where the bomb was dropped. There were many other ways we could have ended the war that did not involve hurting people who didn't deserve it. We might have "saved" many American lives, but we ended many Japanese lives. Isn't that important too? We had other war strategies such as dropping regular fire bombs. We didn't have to go to the extreme of causing long term effects. Also, even though the target was "military bases", it's not what it effected the most. The bomb was not needed as a way to end the word, and it hurt more than it helped.
Butter says2014-04-29T16:48:14.900
Jessviel- But we had no idea what they were going to do to us.
I agree with the statement of this debater, but I think it lacks the true reason why we had to drop the bomb. In my opinion, we did not drop the bombs because we wanted to. We did not drop them because we wanted to prove a statement, or as revenge. We dropped them to end the war. A war that, with the very unlikelyhood, could still be going on to this day unless some verdict was met, and that could have been even worse than just the desolation of two cities. I feel bad for the Japanese, I really do, but would we have had to drop them if their emperor had surrendered. So the question is, is it us who is proving we are superior to all countries, or did we act against the stubbernous of a single man who refused to look into reason where their was still some left?
towlinejiga says2014-05-01T18:03:50.593
I do agree with it, reluctantly, because it was very damaging.
The reason I agree with dropping the Atom Bomb on Japan has nothing to do with the fact that they were the aggressors. That is not the fault of the civilians.
The reason I agree with it is that this was the way to stop the war with the fewest deaths.
Japan had obviously lost the war, but refused to surrender. They were following a false version of the Samurai Code, saying that they would fight to the last man.
If the Allies had been forced to invade Japan and fight for every inch of land, there would have been tens of thousands more dead, including Japanese civilian dead. Even the first Bomb failed to make therm surrender, so the US dropped the second Bomb. Once the Japanese surrendered, the killing was ended and peace came.
ThatGuyJimBob says2016-03-11T17:01:34.673
Wow, they weren't able to surrender in the three day time span we gave them, shocking that with the slow communications system and the magnitude of the decision they didn't surrender fast enough
starrclark says2016-05-12T20:47:12.553
It all just depends on who you ask this question too, a lot of people will yes no we should have not but then in the same respect they should not have done what they did so, no one is wrong or right about this its all just your option and everyone is in tiled to their option
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