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Totally DECIMATED Japan

  So what if the U.S. would've fought in the war longer? Japan would've been spared the horror. Harmless, innocent civilians were brutally murdered, the subsequent radiation made the cities unlivable for the longest time, and the environment was harmed horribly. Forget bombings, we should've fought longer!
Anonymous says2013-02-28T01:52:55.697
The U.S was out of money they could not of continued fighting.
Anonymous says2013-03-11T12:22:15.200
They were warned many times to surrender
Anonymous says2013-03-11T22:43:56.767
If the fighting would of continued any longer do you know how high the death totals would of been from both sides
Anonymous says2013-03-13T19:38:27.650
Why do we need to keeping fighting? I dont get it like really think before you speak.Well think before you type!
Anonymous says2013-03-21T17:44:27.770
They weren't exactly harmless; Japanese civilians were trained with spears and instructed to strap bombs to themselves before throwing themselves under tanks
Anonymous says2013-03-28T16:18:34.767
Many of those Japanes citizens that were trained to do those things had their family's lives to worry about. The military forced many of them into that kind of training by threatening the lives of the citizens' families.
Anonymous says2013-04-09T01:44:19.720
There was no "civilians" in japan at this time. We were at total war. With the Japanese fighting with the code of the samurai nothing else could make them surrender unconditionally
Anonymous says2013-04-11T22:47:29.193
Japan would've been spared the horror? There were only three other options at that point. Either firebomb civillian targets to hell and back, a US ground invasion, or sit back and do nothing. At this point, the USSR would invade, and they weren't too picky about lives. In fact, compared to the alternatives, the atomic bombs were the way that MINIMIZED Japanese civilian casualties (not in the cities, obviously, but for the nation as a whole). Look at the last few battles leading up to the war. At Iwo Jima, 99% of the defending soldiers chose to die rather than to surrender. They just killed as many Americans as they could. Same thing at Okinawa, with a Japanese death rate of over 95%. This means that Japan wouldn't have been decimated. They would have been WIPED OUT.
Anonymous says2013-05-17T12:06:59.850
^^^^ This guy knows what he's talking about
Albers101 says2014-03-07T21:06:07.103
1. More deaths would have occurred than both the bombs combined through fire bombing.
2. There is assurance that there will most likely not be a world war III because many countries don't want a nuclear war
3. It ended the war faster and saved more lives than you realize
jessviel says2014-04-17T14:32:39.253
Japan started the violence of the war by bombing us at Pearl Harbor. If they didn't want us to retaliate, they shouldn't have attacked us. The war was going on too long, and if we had a way to end it, why wouldn't we? We were powerful and we wanted to show how powerful we are. With the power came consequences, but it was the price we had to pay. Japan knew they were involved in a war that could become more violent than they bargained for. Dropping the atomic bomb was a fighting tactic that we were trying out, and there were some negative impacts that Japan suffered from. Now that we know the effects, we will be able to judge more clearly about nuclear bombs in the future. I think under the circumstances, Japan actually was justified in dropping the bomb and it had ended World War Two.
GregoryS says2014-09-26T17:33:09.123
If Japan did not want to be "decimated" then they should not have started a war ...
Hippo says2014-10-19T06:22:16.337
It wasn't the civilians choice to start the war why do they have to pay for it?
jcv999 says2014-10-23T17:33:52.893
What is there to gain by fighting a longer war? Much more damage and death would have occurred in this situation.
historybuff123 says2015-04-08T02:49:13.550
During the Battle of Okinawa alone 100,000 civilians, thats half of the atomic bomb deaths on one island. If we invaded civilian death tolls would be in the millions
michaels98 says2015-04-20T00:43:13.217
If you mess with the bull you are going to get the horns. Also, we did not want to fight longer because we didn't want to lose any of our soldiers. Obviously to America after they got attacked they would rather have many Japanese die than one solider.
jrgillespie says2015-04-29T02:57:19.777
Had we invaded 1.2 Million lives would have been lost in comparison to the small 100,000 lives lost here. Bombing was the way to ensure the least lives lost.
PointTaken says2015-05-15T02:22:04.263
Let me say this now. Japan was not going to accept the terms of surrender. They would rather die fighting than give in. It is for this reason that extreme force was required to push them into submission.
davidraymondbass says2016-01-26T00:14:27.213
America purposely didn't atom bomb Tokyo because it had too many people. Instead they chose less populated cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America does have some level of mercy.
Nicky94 says2016-07-23T00:21:05.197
If we would of used ground troops, your grandpa might of had to be part of the invasion and could of possible came home in a pine wood box, which means you might not ever been born?
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-24T22:45:44.353
People are unaware of everything in this war. America did warn Japan to surrender UNCONDITIONALLY, but Japan refused because they didn't want their emperor Hirohito to be tried for "his war crimes". Japan tried to do this a couple of times. America refused, and dropped the atom bomb. Two of them. And yet, in the end, guess what? They still applied the same treaty and let the emperor of Japan stay.
Eli_Kees says2017-01-13T17:18:10.150
I would rather have dropped the bomb and killed Japanese civilians than have let our own civilians suffer and be widowed by the continuing of the war. We're America. Not Japan. We watch out for Americans. Not Japanese.
WorldWarGURU says2018-05-30T13:24:39.547
Eli that is racist
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