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The U.S. should not have bombed Japan.

  Not all of the people in Japan were guilty. Some were innocent, and weren't even involved. It just wasn't very fair to the citizens in Japan. They should have just stuck with a simple war. At least less people would have died and the innocent people would have been safe.
Anonymous says2013-03-19T17:01:14.293
so you're saying that just because somebody joins the military they become a guilty person? all they were doing is defending the honor of japan.
Anonymous says2013-03-25T16:43:27.177
that is a disgrace to my people the japanese
Anonymous says2013-03-29T13:13:48.277
It wasnt very fair to the innocent americans who got attacked either was it?
Anonymous says2013-05-01T21:22:47.757
More people would have died in the planned invasion of japan than the 70,000 that died in the blast. The innocent japanese as you say would have lost lots more of their population if we invaded. Innocent people are never safe in war end of story.
Anonymous says2013-05-24T02:02:37.377
Total warfare. They attacked Pearl Harbor. They didn't care if they killed innocent civilians. It is the Japanese governments fault for the lack of respect for there citizens. Several dozen incendiary bombs were set off prior. They didn't back down. Those bombs were far more devastating death count wise than the atomic bombs.
RB88 says2015-02-05T03:08:14.723
What about the rape or Nanjing? 300,000 innocent Chinese who's country didn't even consider joining the war, were slaughtered for being "an inferior, subhuman species."
DestinieLynn says2015-03-13T14:55:09.473
I agree that we should not have dropped the A-Bomb on Nagasaki or Hiroshima. But just think, the American Army dropped the A-bomb to scare Japan. If anything, the U.S should have put mines in the Tokyo Harbor , making it harder for the military o eat. 'If you can't feed an army, then who fights'. That would have been a less violent way to end the war. The army would become very hungry, less deaths would have occured . Eventually they would have surrendered. Truman had the Bomb dropped to end the war, but makes no sense because Truman did not want to accept a surrender.
samaking523 says2015-04-15T02:43:02.057
R U KIDDING ME........WHAT YOU CALL A SIMPLE WAR WOULD HAVE KILLED 1 MILLION US SOLDIERS. We actually saved lives by dropping the bombs. The 2 bombs only killed 200 thousand people compared to the 1 million dead because of what you call a "simple war". Look up your history before u comment
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-25T13:43:17.210
YOU look up your history before you comment, lol. Japan were on the terms of surrendering, wanting to surrender with conditions (one being the protection of the Dynasty). Bet you never knew that. But of course, the US were too proud, and denied all their conditions. One reason being is that they wanted to show their power to the Soviet Union. INVADING THE JAPANESE MAINLAND WAS UNNECESSARY. But of course, the U.S. denied, and used the atom bombs.
Jacob23744 says2017-06-07T17:11:17.423
Everyone is guilty. Kids in school are learning about the war and they learn that the U.S. is the enemy. Soldiers that are fighting the war are against us. And any person with a job is making money that the government uses to buy more weapons for the war.
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