Should the U.S. have free Wi-Fi for the whole country?

  • Yes they should

    If we have free wifi people can pay peoble can pay their bills online or they could pay there taxes. So that is why you should have free wifi. And plus kids have to do there homeworck but they cant do there homeworck without wifi. So if you want to get a kid in trouble think about that agine

  • Yes. Increasingly, it is necessary for society to function.

    The future of our country is bound up with technology and that includes the internet. Just as broadcast radio and basic television are free, wireless access should be as well. More and more services are being offered online, including government processes and even voting. There will come a day when it will just be cheaper to offer free Wi-Fi than to keep paying to do so much in person.

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  • I need wifi to live

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  • Wifi is needed

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  • Free wifi is needed

    Some students come from poor homes and can't afford wifi. If free wifi was provided all around then the people who need it the most would be able to finish there homework so they can have good grades in their classes and not be so behind so they can manage to graduate high school

  • Wifi is bomb

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    Posted by: fvur
  • Government should not pay for everyone's wifi

    Government would run out of money. The government would not have money to pay for building or build. Hackers would be able to hack into your phones. Your personal information would not be personal any more. Hackers could get into your information motion. I'm a kitty cat. I'm fat too.

  • Free Wifi would be expensive and would suck

    Our government cuts costs like crazy already. Imagine how much more they would have to cut when they are spending how much more on WIFI for the entire country. The WIFI itself wouldn't even be good due to the fact that the government would go with the cheapest option which also means the slowest. If you really need WIFI, just to to a public place like McDonald's or something to use it or buy it for your home.

  • No, There Are Better Places to Spend Public Funds

    Right now, all public libraries have free WiFi. Many coffee shops
    offer it, and many bookstores do too. Free National Wifi is a nice idea, and it
    will come eventually, but right now it's a luxury. Unemployment is a pressing
    problem that should be solved with job training and higher education that costs
    students less, not more. Our public primary schools are not doing a good job either, so
    money should be invested there, too. Let’s take care of the children and the
    unemployed before we worry about people who need to check their Facebook page.

  • WI-fi is not a right or an entitlement.

    Freedom of Speech is a right. Education and Healthcare (well, the latter only for all other developed nations) are entitlements. But you do not have the right to, nor are you entitled to, free internet. You should have the basics of life in a prosperous society, but you need to work if you want more than the basics.

  • No I don't think the U.S. should have free Wi-Fi for the whole country

    I don't think the internet is a right, it's nice to have mind you, but it isn't a right. There's plenty of places people can go to for computer access anyway, colleges, libraries, coffee shops. There are lots of options that exist for people without internet or without Wi-Fi. So no I don't think the U.S. should have free Wi-Fi nationwide, it's just not needed.

  • No, it's not needed.

    Free Wi-Fi for the whole country sounds good in theory, but, in practice, it would result in a lot of expense for very little gain. The US does need to build up its infrastructure, but standardizing and widening the reach of mobile phone internet would probably be a better long term investment than pervasive Wi-Fi, which the private sector seems to have deployed quite widely already.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    To generate profit, I do not believe wi-fi should just be free for everyone. There are already hot spots such as coffee houses and restaurants where wi-fi is free to the general public. I personally believe that the way wi-fi works right now is perfect. It generates money and it also allows for free wi-fi in certain locations.

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