• Yes

    People need to overlook the fact that we're invading a country, and look at the true reason why. Countries don't go to war for no reason. Do you have any idea how much we helped that country? You people need to overlook the fact that we're sending troops over, and stop saying how we need to bring them home before the job is done. Most of the people who say we should not have invaded know nothing about warfare, or what we were even doing there. The citizens of Iraq loved having us there. We got rid of Saddam Hussein and made it much safer for them. People are so quick to blame George Bush for the invasion, when they forget that the president can only send troops over or a certain amount of time, and CONGRESS (which was democratic at the time) has to approve anything longer. I hate to break it to all of you who think that everywhere in the world is just super happy with sunshine and rainbows and unicorns, but you have no idea what it was like in Iraq under Hussein.

  • Yes

    Regardless of why you think we went to Iraq in the first place(I'm not claiming it was purely altruistic), defending Saddam's regime as an innocent sovereign state(as I've seen so many anti-war idiots do) is disgusting. The Ba'ath party committed many war crimes and atrocities(Same goes for the Taliban). No matter why you think we were over there, claiming that toppling Saddam's regime was bad thing is retarded.

  • War in Iraq Justified by the ends and means

    Iraq under Sadam Hussein was a very dangerous country. They not only had the potential for nuclear weaopens but harbored Al-Qeada militiants. Saddam Hussein personally praised the evnts of 9/11. He was and would have been a thorn to our side similiar to Iran. The war also established an ally in the regoin and a counterbalnce towards radicl countries in the regoin and OPEC

  • The U.S. was right to invad Iraq

    Most people say this was Bushes was for oil. That is simply not true. Saddam Hussein was a dictator in Iraq who was using chemical warfare against his own people. Is that right for him to do that? We saved thousands of lives and are setting up a democracy there.

  • The Iraq Liberation Campaign was justified.

    Iraq under Saddam Hussein was a shithole. He was a madman. He long sought to acquire nuclear weapons. He invaded his neighbors Iran and Kuwait. He launched Scud missiles at Israel. He had plans to dominate the Middle East. He had a habit of fomenting chaos in the Middle East. He supported terrorists not Al Qaeda though but paid the families of Palestinian terrorists including suicide bombers. He gassed his people and did a genocide of them called the Kurds. If Saddam Hussein stayed in power he would have killed his people more and invaded another one of his neighbors Saudi Arabia most likely and would have launched more missile into Israel. TheWar in Iraq got rid of a madman period. Most people who were killed in Iraq were from the Insurgency backed by the Iranians and was also done by Al Qaeda not by the US led Coalition Forces. Iraq fell in chaos not because of the war but because we didn't have enough troops to stabilize the country during the post war period but things stabilized after the surge in 2007 and 2008 which put Al Qaeda on the run and reduced the violence and the war was almost won until we decided to withdrawal and not leave troops behind to stabilize the country and secure our gain in Iraq. Once we withdrew from Iraq the country fell apart and turned chaotic and Al Qaeda came back and turned into ISIS. America f**k yeah. Saddam Hussein was as much an enemy as Iran, Al Qaeda, And the Taliban in Afghanistan.

  • Look I love Iraq

    I look no side I love iraq ok and yes I think that we should have the USA invade Iraq because we Americans need more oil for us Americans to get back to work so we Americans can do and should be able to do whatever we want so suck it no side

  • Look I understand ok

    I think that we should have the USA invaded Iraq because Iraq is a country and we Americans can invade whatever the heck country we want to invade if we want to invade and annex any country if we Americans are ok with it without getting in trouble by Iraq

  • It is just invaded

    Many people say that the USA just for oil but however tho they are super wrong y’all because we Americans invade Because we invaded their butts ok ok and yes I think that we should have invaded Iraq for us Americans ok so we should have the u. S. Have invaded Iraq

  • Yes the u. S. Should indeed have

    I think We The United States should have invaded Iraq because they killed hundreds of Americans each year ok and yes I think that they should have the USA have invaded Iraq to help ourselves and help them too ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye 👋

  • Yes the USA should have invaded

    I do think that we should have invaded Iraq because they threatened us ok and yes I think that they should have invaded Iraq in the first place ok and yes I think that they should have the u. S. Have invaded Iraq for us Americans to stop the, From threating us

  • No, The US should not have invaded Iraq

    The US should not have invaded Iraq because it has caused tremendous burden in the economy. The Bush administration, by sending troops to Iraq, required billions of dollars, and it makes the economy worse and worse. Until now, the economy still has not been recovered yet. Bush should have spent the effort to catch Bin Laden instead.

  • When you look at the facts... we had no reason to.

    I think that the United States had no reason to invade Iraq. I was never a George Bush supporter, but I feel that he only had us invade to finish up his father's agenda. It is really disgusting how the United States abuses its power, especially when many of us did not agree with the invasion.

  • No

    No, the United States should not invade Iraq. We have no reason to. Our country needs to learn to keep its nose out of other country's business. We try to police the world and that is not our job. We go and "help" other countries that have not asked for our help. And when we do this, we use our tax dollars to fund it.

  • President Hussein was murdered

    Who is Bush to cause the death of hundreds and thousands of innocent Iraqi people. Bush and his counterpart Blair should be on the gallows for crimes against humanity. United States would not attack unless they are confident to win. the USA needs a lesson as they got in Vietnam!

  • No Bush should have kept out of Iraq

    Why is it that the USA like to interfere with other countries. They made idle threats to Iran, but Iran ignored the threat, they know that the American is gutless and would learn a lesson that would cause heavy losses to life just like Vietnam. The Americans will only pick on what they consider "easy pickings" a typical bully! Shame that Bush was not on the gallows for his crimes against humanity in Iraq. President Hussein was murdered by criminals supported by the U.S government. That same government that were incompetent in finding one person (bin laden). Sadly the US has not learned much from its past. One wonders why the US has not attacked Iran over its nuclear policy? A coward will not attack unless it knows it will win. Iran is to big for the US bully to handle. Innocent soldiers needlessly die in Afganistan for no reason other than the fact that they should not be there! When will they learn?

    Posted by: ngl
  • 3,000,000,000,000 dollars and counting.

    The Iraq war will end up costing the United States 3 Trillion dollars. And, any changes in governance we may have affected there are for better and for worse, and those changes will be fleeting. We already have almost as little influence there as we did under Saddam, and we gave Iran a huge gift.

  • We were lied to

    The Bush Administration and friends purposely lied about Saddam having WMD and links to al Qaeda. This war has displaced, killed, and/or injured millions of Iraqis, fostered resentment of the West in the Middle East, cost the lives of thousands of soldiers and trillions of dollars, and radicalized the Middle East.

  • No, and here's why:

    The lasting impact of the war that began in 2003 has sullied the public opinion of U.S. Foreign policy. They entered Iraq to remove weapons of mass destruction reportedly hidden by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. These weapons were never found. When U.S. Forces entered Iraq, they removed Hussein from power, leaving a war-torn country with massive political and religious dissent. The U.S. May have eliminated a tyrannical government, but they replaced it with a government that is powerless against dissent. The U.S. Presence in Iraq posed an ethical dilemma. Both countries are worse off following U.S. Involvement.

    First and foremost, the U.S. Did not in any meaningful sense win the Iraq war. Despite pre-invasion protests, U.S. And the U.K. Entered Iraq under the guise that Iraq posed a threat to national securities in their alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction. In 2002, the UNSC forced Iraq to cooperate with the UN weapon inspections in order to verify Iraq’s innocence. Though the inspections found no evidence of WMD, their work was still declared unfinished. It was only after the invasion that the U.S.-led Iraq Survey Group declared that Iraq had ended its biological, chemical and nuclear weapons programs in 1991 and had no active programs since. Some officials accused the Iraqi president of supporting al-Qaeda and harboring terrorists, but no evidence of any connection was ever found. Then their purpose shifted to other reasons for the invasion: to stop financial support for suicide bombers, to fight human rights abuses, and most importantly to create the mission of Democracy; which missions left Iraq politically torn, cost the U.S. Over $2 trillion in taxes, caused an estimated 218,000 U.S. And allied forces injuries and 190,000 deaths, 70% of which were civilian.

    After ten years of the U.S. Invasion, the Iraqi democracy is still limited and its future looks gray. Bomb blasts are still a regular occurrence in Baghdad. Ordinary Iraqis are not experiencing benefits from democracy. It is still an unstable country run by the sectarian-driven and corrupt political elite. Change was imposed on Iraq, not privileged, and was followed by civil war. The ill-planned American occupation tore down the foundations of Iraq’s state without a plan to replace it and ultimately caused the state of darkness that Iraq faces today.

  • Americans Were Duped...Period.

    We should not have invaded a sovereign Iraq for the same reason we don't invade every other nation that practices politics and religious zealotry that are unsavory to the majority of Americans - it simply isn't America's place in the world to decide how other nations should be run. In no sense of the word was Iraq ever a threat to the safety of the people in the United States, and the purpose of our military should be for the defense of our great nation and should not be used for the purpose of nation building.

    The argument that Al Qaida may have had a presence in Iraq rings hollow. By our government's own admission, the number of Al Qaida operatives in Iraq was minimal, and there are other countries who harbor many more of these terrorists than Iraq ever did. Hussein was not a supporter of Al Qaida, making the expulsion/termination of known Al Qaida members a priority when he ran Iraq. As for nuclear weapons, there are several nations that are not our allies that are a lot closer to holding nukes than Iraq ever was, but we aren't launching pre-emptive strikes against them. We already know that that the WMD claim was false, so that begs the question, "Why were we there in the first place?"

    I believe the Bush administration will go down in history as one of the most disgraceful regimes to ever wield power in the U.S. I'm embarrassed that Bush and his cronies ran this country with the aprproval of the people of my generation (notwithstanding the fact that he failed to win the popular vote in 2000). A real tragedy.

  • Poorly defined war/not our problem

    Do I have any doubt that Saddam was evil? No. But it is not America's business to tell other nations what to do. We exist so that people from these nations can come here to escape tyranny and better themselves, (if they do it legally). Our job is not to control the world. No wmd was found.There are other countries with way more connections to al-quaeda than Iraq had.

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