• War in Iraq Justified by the ends and means

    Iraq under Sadam Hussein was a very dangerous country. They not only had the potential for nuclear weaopens but harbored Al-Qeada militiants. Saddam Hussein personally praised the evnts of 9/11. He was and would have been a thorn to our side similiar to Iran. The war also established an ally in the regoin and a counterbalnce towards radicl countries in the regoin and OPEC

  • The U.S. was right to invad Iraq

    Most people say this was Bushes was for oil. That is simply not true. Saddam Hussein was a dictator in Iraq who was using chemical warfare against his own people. Is that right for him to do that? We saved thousands of lives and are setting up a democracy there.

  • Yes

    Regardless of why you think we went to Iraq in the first place(I'm not claiming it was purely altruistic), defending Saddam's regime as an innocent sovereign state(as I've seen so many anti-war idiots do) is disgusting. The Ba'ath party committed many war crimes and atrocities(Same goes for the Taliban). No matter why you think we were over there, claiming that toppling Saddam's regime was bad thing is retarded.

  • Yes

    People need to overlook the fact that we're invading a country, and look at the true reason why. Countries don't go to war for no reason. Do you have any idea how much we helped that country? You people need to overlook the fact that we're sending troops over, and stop saying how we need to bring them home before the job is done. Most of the people who say we should not have invaded know nothing about warfare, or what we were even doing there. The citizens of Iraq loved having us there. We got rid of Saddam Hussein and made it much safer for them. People are so quick to blame George Bush for the invasion, when they forget that the president can only send troops over or a certain amount of time, and CONGRESS (which was democratic at the time) has to approve anything longer. I hate to break it to all of you who think that everywhere in the world is just super happy with sunshine and rainbows and unicorns, but you have no idea what it was like in Iraq under Hussein.

  • Do you remember?

    9/11 the day thousands of American lives were lost, because of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The USA had reason to believe that there were members of Al Qaeda in Iraq, and sure enough there were leaders and personal there. Without this war the United States could have been attacked again. Sadly, many of our American people forget that lump in thee throat when they learned and watched the footage of the crashes.

  • Brutality of Hussein Regime

    Over the years of his dictatorship, Saddam Hussein not only invaded and attacked many of his neighboring countries, but also killed and maimed thousands of his own people. If Saddam was allowed to continue to rule, there is no telling how many more people would fall victim to the brutality of his regime.

  • Are you kidding me with the "Bush picking on poor Saddam" garbage????

    WOW, sheeple! Look up "Human rights in Saddam Hussein's Iraq". Saddam was a weapon of Mass Destruction! He murdered millions of his own people! He tortured millions more! It's a sad world when people will just side with any old homicidal sadist... Just so long as they never side with a republican (yea, that makes you an open-minded genius!). OH, also PLEASE: Google the images for "Halabja poison gas attack" and then tell me we should have left poor, innocent Saddam alone! (I could only bare to look for 2 seconds before I had to leave the page.)

  • It Wasn't Just WMD's!

    The invasion helped save thousands of Iraqi civilian lives in the long-run. We helped to restore order where order was lost. We disarmed a huge terrorist network that to this day we have only seen glimpses of. I understand the ignorance have due to the media shoving the whole "WMDs in Iraq was a lie to get us to go to war" because it's such an easy scapegoat. Yeah, war is awful, people die, people's lives get torn apart by post war PTSD. Invading Iraq was definitely better than letting threats to civilised world grow. Although in the end you have to think that our leaders had a plan then and they had a plan now, so what if they had to lie to us to protect us.

  • No evidence was shown that they DIDN'T have WMDs

    Almost all of the major government agencies at the time said that they have WMDs.
    Bush did the right thing because not only did we get Saddam out of power but also showed the Middle East that the U.S. Won't watch while Regimes hurt their own people! Saddam is the one person who caused Gulf war 1 and Gulf war 2 because he invaded Kuwait and tried to build Nuclear weapons.
    If he had control of Kuwait Iraq could have emerged as a third world power! Iraq had to be stopped and Bush did what was right in the end.

  • Protecting Interests and Allis

    The U.S. had the right to protect their Allis. Chances are, Iraq would of done the same for us. We also had the right to protect them because they are a way to get oil that we so badly need and they can give it to us. If there had been WMD and it had destroyed the oil we could no longer use it.

  • No it shouldn’t

    The USA should not invade Iraq we Americans and American troops should leave Iraq for good ok and no I think that the USA should not have invaded Iraq ok and the American troops should leave Iraq and leave Iraq in their life and peace ✌️ ok ok good bye

  • Nononono we should not have

    No wmds were found, therefore it was totally unjust and bush acted without thinking of the citizens iraq and now they are left in shambles because of his ignorant actions. The claim: "it kept us from terrorism", is totally false, as it exposed us to it even more than ever.

  • No reason to get involved.

    A lot of people will point out that we invaded Iraq over the threat of terrorism.
    1)Why did we invade Iraq when we could have invaded Saudi Arabia? They are a huge sponsor of terrorism, but not a finger was raised over it!
    2) if it was to fight terrorism, it backfired spectacularly. We caused ISIS to rise from the ground because we de-stabilized the country.
    3) We supported Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war.

  • Not much reason.

    Saddam Hussein was a evil person by our viewpoint but that is a common occurrence. Our United States of America does not exist to crusade against perceived evil. Ideally that is the purpose of the U.N. (Which works poorly) Osama Bin Laden was not from Iraq. The people who carried out 9/11 were not from Iraq. I'm sure it is likely that I am missing something but I am sure most other people are too. I prefer American Isolationism. Other countries oppressed people can solve their own problems. If as an individual you wish to help them fine, but don't drag the rest of America's lives and economy into it.

  • Is the country in better shape?

    As a soldier who was there, i feel like it was a waste of time. Is the country in better shape than before? Saddam probably deserved a good ace whooping but I know we left that country in ruin and destroyed much of their buildings, It's very sad the ruin and destruction that is brought on by war.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Use of force should be the last resort

    The United States government had insufficient evidence to justify an invasion of Iraq the invasion would most certainly cause instability, chaos and the loss of American life. The intelligence was proven to be insufficient and no weapons of mass destruction were ever discovered in Iraq. The Cost of the war in Iraq was more then just the blood of patriots it was our children's education our nations roads and our peoples future the debt we accumulated and the chaos that continues to this day should be a lesson learned that we must not let the ignorance of our leaders cost us a bright future.

  • America under Bush and Dick Screwed up big-time

    Iraq is in chaos now; there are Yazidis, Mendaeans, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Kurds and other Christians and minorities being slaughtered by ISIS everyday which Bushes genocidal war created. The war fuels anger within the Islamic community and is used as a recruitment tool for ISIS and other terrorist groups today. If Bush didn't invade Iraq, the Iraqi people would be in a much better shape today and the threat of terrorism would be much lower because Saddam Hussein led a very liberal, secular regime. There are a hundred dictators today and the US doesn't even care so why did they want to remove the dictator from Iraq? Simply because of oil and money for Bush, Blair and the Dick. Saddam Hussein was never a threat to the US he never had weapons of mass destruction and not a single 9/11 hijacker had an Iraqi citizenship or was related to Iraq in any way; most or all came from Saudi Arabia yet we never touched them and still consider them one of our greatest allies in the region. The US invaded Iraq for no justifiable reason what so ever, Bush and Blair killed more than 1 Million innocent Iraqi civilians and the war led to the deaths of more than 5,000 troops; completely a waste of human lives and trillions of taxpayer dollars. This is why we must prosecute the Bush and Blair administration in the International Criminal court in the Hague for war crimes against humanity and genocide.

  • On paper, a good idea. Not so much now.

    Overthrowing a violent dictator seems like a great idea. Lives are saved, the country is democratic, and everyones happy. But if you're going to kill 1 million civilians and let a cult like ISIS fester then you're left with a deeper shitehole than before. Its the reason we've had all these terrorist attacks.

  • WE ruined them

    Sure Saddam Hussein was a monster to his people but he still prevented the country from collapsing in on itself. Our idiot leaders thought that Iraq would just peacefully accept us and now we have screwed up the entire goddamn country. We should have just left them alone. Yes, when KUWAIT was attacked, that was a reason to intervene because Hussein did it for no reason. But for Iraq, its a no

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