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  • No, great education is to be achieved from museums

    No, great education is to be achieved from museums. There are at least hundreds of free museums in the country, many in DC. Free entrance gives the poor and disadvantaged in our country cultural and learning experiences they can enjoy without worry of having to pay for yet another thing.

  • They preserve culture

    No, the U.S. should not have less museums, because museums are an important way that people preserve culture. Most of the museums in the United States are not funded by tax payers. Other than tax-exempt status for these museums and land space, people don't lose very much to have museums. Museums offer a fun thing for families to do and a way to remember the past.

  • Less museums is a bad idea

    Museums are a great place for families to learn things together, often with parents learning as much as their children. It is a great way to make up for bad schools, and a way for people who are out of school to further educate themselves. Less museums dumbs down the country.

  • No such thing as too many museums

    Museums are great for preserving history and teaching about a variety of topics. The fact that there are so many is a great thing. There is no such thing as too many museums, just as there is no such thing as too much knowledge. We should embrace these learning spaces, and work to protect them and keep them running.

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