Should the U.S. have let Osama bin Laden's family give him a proper burial?

  • He is still human

    Yes, he killed a lot of lives and destroyed many families but justice has been served when he was killed. I am not saying the US to fund the burial but at least return the body to his family in a coffin and let his family decide. Everyone has the right to have proper burial, even a mass killer. ((I actually just voted yes because I find it uncomfortable to see 100% approval on one side but I actually disagree to what I have typed))

  • A mass murderer does not deserve a proper burial.

    This man help lead one of the most devastating travesties that this world has ever seen. Thousands lost their lives because of the extremist beliefs of this man and those who followed after him. When an individual causes so much harm on such a large scale, without any sort of remorse, they do not deserve a proper burial. Also, there is no way that Americans would have let this occur without a large uproar. Justice had to be served properly, and it would not have been done if he had been allowed a proper burial.

  • Justice rules here.

    The families who lost loved ones got their justice when Osama bin Laden was found and killed. Many of those who lost their loved ones in 2001 did not get to have a proper burial for their loved ones. Therefore, why should this mans family have the right that innocent Americans did not? Not only that, but to allow them such would have caused mass rioting by the American people. It was wise of the United States to dump him in the ocean.

  • bin laden admits 911 ? judge for yourself.

    There were security reasons for burying Osama Bin Laden at sea. Osama was the leader of the terrorist group al-Qaeda. Five percent of the Muslims in America favor the al-Qaeda terrorism.
    The estimated Muslim population in America in 2010 was 2.6 million, which means approximately
    130,000 are supporters of al-Qaeda terrorism. If Osama’s body would have been brought back to America, there would have been protests and riots in the streets by Muslims and sick non-Muslims that support al-Qaeda.
    Despite the fact that the al-Qaida 9/11 terrorist attack killed 2,977 innocent people, there are people like xxXChelseaXxx who believe that we murdered Osama Bin Laden.
    Even though he was indicted on murder charges in a number of countries, the Taliban ruled not to extradite Bin Laden on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence published in the indictments and that non-Muslim courts lacked standing to try Muslims. Osama admits in a video that he sent al-Qaida to America to be trained to fly the planes and hit the buildings.
    Bin Laden became the 456th person listed on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, when he was added on June 7, 1999, following his indictment along with others for capital crimes in the 1998 embassy attacks. Attempts at assassination and requests for the extradition of bin Laden from the Taliban of Afghanistan were met with failure prior to the bombing of Afghanistan in October 2001.[152] In 1999, U.S. President Bill Clinton convinced the United Nations to impose sanctions against Afghanistan in an attempt to force the Taliban to extradite him.[153]
    Years later, on October 10, 2001, bin Laden appeared as well on the initial list of the top 22 FBI Most Wanted Terrorists, which was released to the public by the President of the United States George W. Bush, in direct response to the September 11 attacks, but which was again based on the indictment for the 1998 embassy attack. Bin Laden was among a group of thirteen fugitive terrorists wanted on that latter list for questioning about the 1998 embassy bombings. Bin Laden remains the only fugitive ever to be listed on both FBI fugitive lists.
    Despite the multiple indictments listed above and multiple requests, the Taliban refused to extradite Osama bin Laden.

  • No They Shouldn't

    The United States should not have given Osama bin Laden's family the opportunity to have a proper burial for him. This man was a terrorist and did not deserve a proper burial. He cause many deaths around the world and is the scum of the Earth. We don't owe him or his family anything.

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