• Borders produce violence but doesnt stop immigration

    Over 5000 people died last year trying to cross the border. People also commit less crimes then natives. Also gives a good economy to the US and america needs that. Opening the borders is a good thing but we should still be cautious of who is crossing like the TSA should check everyone's belongings.

  • Yes we should

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  • If goods can be shipped across, why not labor?

    The North American Free Trade Agreement made it easier for business owners to invest in Mexico and for goods to flow freely across the U.S.-Mexico border. But the millions of Mexicans put out of work by these changes weren't permitted to cross the border in search of jobs created here.

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  • No open borders

    The country is overflowing with illegal immigrants when the borders are supposedly closed. Imagine what happens if we open them? I don't have anything against people immigrating to the United States to build a better life, but it needs to be done LEGALLY, through the established channels. The system we have right now is fine.

  • Open borders drives down wages

    The only reason the corporate media created and supports the narrative that mass immigration is good for the economy is because it drives down wages. Illegals from 3rd world countries are accepting of less in terms of wages and living standards. This is only good for the owners of large corporations. Illegal immigrants do not have a right to live and work here. Why can't we allow as many of them in as US citizens live in there 3rd world countries. It is not our fault they live in poverty. They need to raise the living standard of their own countries rather than bring ours down for their own sake.

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    Alright here's my thought process, we're in debt, our currency is dollars which simply represent minerals like gold,silver etc (or at one point it did). There's a set number of minerals we have, we haven't figured out how to make gold yet, if we did money would probably be worthless (or more worthless). Now say right not we've got 10000 dollars and 2 people, split it between them and you've got 5000each, add 2 more and split it, continue over and over and over, adding a seemingly endless number of people and there will barely be any money for anyone, and theoretically you could just print more money, but it doesn't represent gold anymore it's just paper, even more worthless than beforehand. My basic understanding is that we're not really able to create more money, if it represents minerals. So what we have would have to be circulated, some would have more, some would have less, but the more people you add the less money there will be for that population, unless they find more/get more minerals from someone, which is unlikely.
    The higher the population the less resources available

  • Why should we?

    Mexico doesn't have an open border, Canada doesn't have an open border, why should the U.S. be a dumping ground for all the world's problems? If we have open borders you're basically saying "Hey come on over!" To every criminal on the planet. Being undocumented means not paying taxes on your earnings wich would absolutely obliterate the economy.

  • You can't have a nation without borders.

    You can't have a nation without borders. The US should have had a wall decades ago, just like the one Mexico has along its southern border. It should be a topic US citizens are in unanimous agreement on. Illegal aliens don't benefit the middle class. They only benefit big businesses that want cheep labor.

  • Shut all illegal crossings

    Why should tax payers pay for illegals. We can barely afford the cost to raise our legal americans. Crossing just to gain free stuff provided by the sweat of legal Americans is totally wrong. Now we have illegal immigrants marching in the streets demanding the free stuff instead of doing it legally. What rights do an illegal have in this society...None.....Not even a voice.....Next they will be able to vote.....Maybe that is what certain politicians want

  • Open Border Policy is dangerous wishful thinking.

    1. The amount of people coming across the border illegally with criminal records is currently unknown. An open border policy would allow for zero oversight as to the caliber of people entering.

    2. The argument that these people would stimulate the economy is absurd. Which would you rather do, spend your low minimum wages here in America or send it home to Mexico where it's worth more and allows a better standard of living?

    3. Why should the U.S. have open borders? The United Kingdom doesn't. Most other industrialized countries do not. You cannot just show up illegally in England and say "Okay, I'm a citizen now." Certain EU countries have travel agreements, but these are not unrestricted, open borders.

    So why should the U.S. have it?

  • The U.S should not have open borders

    Opening the borders would inflate the population with unskilled workers and people who can't contribute to society. Throughout history immigration has been detrimental to societies. The idea that illegal aliens can be a positive influence on society is grossly distorted by liberal thinking. The truth is, it is very bad for the economy.

  • No, but we do need immigration reform.

    It would be dangerous for our national security if our borders were open outright, especially given how downright huge our two borders are. Saying that anyone could cross at any time for any reason would mean unsafe products, more weapons, and chaos in border zones. That said, we do need some kind of immigration reform that allows people a path to citizenship if they came across illegally.

  • No, it is a nation's responsibility to protect their borders

    Open borders means the same as no control over borders. The greatest responsibility of a government is to protect the safety of its peoples, and the safety of the nation. When open borders are allowed then both concepts are negated. No one would expect a homeowner to have "open doors" available for any who wanders by, and expecting the U.S. to have the same is foolishness.

  • Bad idea

    Restricted borders exist for a reason, a lot of people want to enter this country and some of them we'd be better off if they didn't. While some of the GOP proposals of putting the entire country in lockdown with ridiculously elaborate border patrols are excessive, there does need to be some level of moderating who gets in and who doesn't.

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