• Why wouldn't they?

    Hawaii is a wonderful addition to our great country. It allows for people to travel to exotic locations at the same time as not needing a passport or worries about hassle with international travel. Personally I think it is one of the most beautiful states, and adds a flair and variety to our country giving us basically every possible climate in at least one state. Truly a melting pot of a country.

  • Why not?

    I think Hawaii is a fantastic addition to our country. It gives a little more exotic feel to the normally super American states. I think Hawaii had no reason not to join the United States. But I wish it was possible for us to expand even further than Puerto Rico.

  • Taking Hawaii Was The Right Choice

    Acquiring Hawaii in the late 1800's was only natural. America won the battle against The Kingdom of Hawaii, so of course we would take their land and make it our own. That is what happens in all battles. It would have been foolish to she blood on the battle field and allow someone to keep their land after conquering them.

  • Yes, they should have annexed Hawaii

    Hawaii enjoys statehood in the US, while being eligible for many benefits. On the other hand, anybody in the US can travel to Hawaii, passport free, for a bit of an exotic adventure. The Hawaiian location offers the US many strategic advantages as far as being an excellent military location. Hawaii is valuable to the US.

  • Yes yes yes

    Hawaii was stolen. . Hawaii was wrongfully taken. We took advantage of the weak, And if France or Britain were as weak as Hawaii we wouldn't have taken advantage of them. This is just another point that proved how arrogant and selfish America used to be and maybe still is. Not to bring down the country or any thing but we were just cruel people.
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  • Who really has ancestral right to land?

    New archaeological evidence might come out tomorrow that proves that what we know as the "Hawaiian" people weren't the original inhabitants of the island. So why operate under the assumption that they are?
    In truth, Hawaii's strength wasn't as great as any of it's neighbors. In an age where strength was the key currency of politics, the US was right to annex Hawaii. What little economic power Hawaii was wielding at the time was owed to the presence of American enterprise on the islands.

    Now, operating under modern sensibilities of cultural preservation and sovereignty it would be wrong to annex Hawaii. But the question being posed is "Should the U.S. (in the 19th century) have taken Hawaii," and not "Should the U.S. (in the 21st century) have taken Hawaii."

  • Yes, they should have taken Hawaii!

    NO, Hawaii was not stolen. Hawaii was won in a fair and square battle. If it wasn't for America japan would be the one owning Hawaii. So which would you rather have? America owning it and giving them all the benefits Americans have, because they are Americans, or japan owning it with them having a hard life? If they decide to move to america there is no need for any sort of papers. They are already Americans. The us isn't destroying the place. We just own it.

  • This was wrong

    The question is not should we keep Hawaii. Hawaii today is integrated in with the United States so it would be silly to give them independence now. But it is not OK for a government to invade another land and culture. It just isn't. Same goes for all the Indian nations we conquered. We can't undo these things and it is what it is now but that doesn't justify it in retrospect.

  • What the hell

    I'm ashamed to see so many of my fellow Americans not support freedom. We did not win a simple battle, we acting as an imperial nation(like the one WE FOUGHT AGAINST for our freedom) took sovereign territory. It's disgusting to see people who'd rather keep it for it's exoticism. This is not some paradise that we can use and abuse, it's the ancestral home of a PEOPLE!!

  • The answer is in the question.

    "Should the U.S. have taken Hawaii?" The question is not "Should the U.S. have taken Hawaii to the prom?" The question is asking whether or not it was okay for a government to take over a land with a separate culture and people and its own form of government. Should the U.S. have imprisoned a sovereign ruler who was supported by her people? No. Should the U.S. have conquered another people, on top of the many other ethnic and cultural groups it has conquered before? No. Just because they have a long history of hostile takeovers does not make it right.

  • America took Hawaii away from its queen

    When America took Hawaii it was a hostile take over. American farmers growing pineapple and sugar cane did not like that the queen of Hawaii wanted them to have less power. She was asserting her right as the queen. However the farmers got the US navy to come and force the queen to sign over the Hawaiian islands to the US and she was later imprisoned for the rest of her life.

  • The Dole fruit co wanted the Islands to exploit by hook or crook

    Shortly into his presidency, Cleveland appointed James Blount as a special investigator to investigate the events in the Hawaiian Islands. Blount found that Minister Stevens had acted improperly and ordered that the American flag be lowered from Hawaiian government buildings. He also ordered that Queen Lili'uokalani be restored to power, but Sanford Dole, the president of the Provisional Government of Hawaii, refused to turn over power.

  • We need to say no more

    This just created conflict and a political horror. We should have just stuck with helping everyone and honestly we could be better off without Hawaii, though a nice place to live it still needs to be independent. Its just a matter of time till we lose Hawaii to a natural disaster and not have to worry about it.

  • NO? Yes? Hmm..................

    Well, I believe that people have the right to life liberty and property according to John Locke, and property WAS taken away from these people! SO was it really fair? Their property was taken away which is not a right! They did not have this right!!! So why is this a question? It is NOT because they had that right to land.

  • Hawaii was stolen..

    Hawaii was wrongfully taken. We took advantage of the weak, and if France or Britain were as weak as Hawaii we wouldn't have taken advantage of them. This is just another point that proved how arrogant and selfish America used to be and maybe still is. Not to bring down the country or any thing but we were just cruel people.

  • US didn't like it when Muslims attack and invade on 911 but the US are the biggest terrorists and invaders.

    US act as if the Muslims are the biggest threat to the world but it is the US and western countries who are the biggest threat to the world. US attack Panama years before 911 and made lies on the news about invading panama and they force them to give up their army forever. Whites think that it is ok if they take over lands like Hawaii but if outsiders decided to takeover a part of US, US will call them terrorists which is very hypocritical. Non western countries need to team up and fight against future takeovers. I don't want to live in the US and visit US ever again and sadly I can never visit Hawaii because US took it over.

  • Stealing is wrong

    Like our Queen said, " They covet our islands" knowing the true history, how can anyone come to the conclusion that this was a battle won or that we who descend from our ancestors from here were fine with what took place know how much was lost to the foreign illegal occupation. How much our ancestors suffered from the programing and brainwashing that took place in the beginning and abuse. How easy it is for some to erase the past wrongs when it did not happen to your tutu's who hold the ancestral rights or claims to the land. We were already an Independent Nation of people who lived and thrived on their land, and slowly but sure one way or another it was taken away from them, we understand why the confusion that so many of our people are in today, we were a people who lived in harmony and valued our land and cultural practices that was for the sustaining and maintaining of our Nation, and the downfall came when the foreign traitors with their followers platted and planned events that took place. And when our Queen was held hostage, what do you think people will do? They survived for the sake of their families. You today who say much about how good it is now with the US of A, are caught in their Matrix and it will be good as long as you think of me myself and I, but when the day come when they ask you to do things that you know are down right evil and unconstitutional and go along with it what will you say then? Or what excuse will you bring forth then. Standing on truth is not an easy place to stand many times but it will still be the truth and no matter what we do or say will not change what the consequences will be as foretold if the wrong is not made right. I am a kanaka maoli o Hawai'i nei a kupuna wahine o my ohana, old enough to remember what was and young enough to stand firm and fight for what would be best for Hawai'i nei and it's people who are connected to the land and all who know the truth and kokua with us.

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