Should the U.S. help pay for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons?

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  • The U.S. should not help pay for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons

    The U.S. needs to get the heck out of all the countries is supposedly helping and/or supporting and start focusing on repairing the damage at home. The funds which would be consumed cleaning up Syria should be focused on repairing the educational system, the mental health system, services for the elderly and repairing the aging infrastructure in the U.S. It seems like the U.S. always has money to fund its wars but never enough to pay for improvements at home.

  • Syria should not give up it's chemical weapons

    There is no reason for Syria to give up its chemical weapons. Syria is a sovereign nation with a right to choose. Syria is a democratic nation, with elected officials, the Assad regime was overwhelmingly popularly supported in past elections. There is no reason for anyone to interfere with the Assad regime taking back it's nation for the people.

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