Should the U.S help solve third world countries problems?

Asked by: Angus_Patt
  • If we come together as one, our problems become their problems.

    So many people are saying that we shouldn't help those countries in need because, "they do nothing for us and will continue to do nothing." They can't do anything for us because of their own issues in their country, whether it be financially, or because of an internal issue. Either way, if we would come together with these countries as one, then not only are their problems becoming ours, but our problems will become theirs. If we are struggling with our own issues, then that's stopping us from helping them with theirs. More people need to realize that we are all stronger as one whole, then we are when divided. Now I don't know about you, but I would much rather have the whole thing then just one part, the value is much more if you have the complete collection rather than a piece.

  • Yes it is best we do

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  • More People Can Be Helped; the USA Doing Good Deed

    I think that the USA should help people in third world countries because if you think about it, there are a lot of rich and greedy people living in the United States and they can easily donate a ton of food and stuff to poor people in the United States. However, if a family member in let's say, Syria, they can't spare anything for their family members if they want to live. For example, they probably have minimal food and they deserve our help. The USA has almost 85 trillion dollars. Use that to a good cause.

  • Why should we?

    They have done nothing for us, and will continue to do so. We have veterans in our streets, lying there without will. People who have become so brainwashed that they don't know who George Washington is, or who won the civil war. They should worry about themselves, as we should too.

  • The U.S needs to focus on the problems at home.

    There are so many problems in the U.S that need attention, and the money that goes to help other countries could be used to advance our education system, help poor people that are in our country, and to enhance other government programs. Now there is nothing wrong with helping other third world countries, and I fully support it, but only after we fix the problems that the U.S is facing.

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