• The US Should Help.

    We could start by stopping the flow of weapons to 'moderate' rebel Groups. Many of these groups have launched joint offensives in cooperation with elements of Al-Qaeda and Al Nursa. One rebel commander of the FSA is even interviewed by western media praising IS But saying they should of consolidated their gains before declaring their Caliphate. The next step would be to help the current legitimate government of Syria fight the terrorists in their country and then after order is restored come about a plan with the current admissistation to allow for internationally monitored elections to decide if the current government actually has public support.

  • U.S being stonge nation hould help syria?

    I agree with the fact that U.S should help Syria simply because U.S is one of the strongest countries in the world. Syria has lots of innocent people paying prices for something they didn't do. Al Queda is causing lots of problems in Syria and Syria can't seems to have control on them. And if Al Queda grows strong in Syria they can be a threat in the future to anybody.

  • They can't defend themselves that well

    The people can't help themselves if they are getting killed and bombed everyday. This will continue until someone helps them not saying the USA has to but like Great Britain, France, Spain, Russia or someone over there or if no one over there we should step up and help these people. If your government was killing people you know your friends, family and you couldn't stop them you would want someone to help you to. No one should have to grow up learning how to kill other people and seeing your people being massacred.

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