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  • Yes, of course

    Most of the problems in third world countries are because we caused them so we should have to help them since we were the cause they deserve our help since we mostly know what to do more than them. For example, Muslims were not hated and they actually had rights, but now, because w=of the words and actions and what we have done, Syrians are against us and now we have the problem of ISIS at hand so we should help most Syrians get out of their country, out of that chaos.

  • Yes we should

    Most of the issues in third world countries are there because we caused them. We implanted poverty, chaos, and much more to innocent civilians in those countries. We need to stop being so damn greedy for money, oil, and power and start worrying about the next generations coming unto this crap polluted ball we call earth. But at the same time, we need to help ourselves here as well.

  • Effects of Amercains on the world

    Well yes it is a tragedy that all these third world counties are in bad shape but do not forget it was not America who put these countries in such bad condition it was mainly Europe with their colonization of Africa and messing things up and even though we have been involved in other countries most of the others refuse help or just do not need it.

  • Be the better people

    People in third world countries have less than us. They make less than a dollar a day. Here in the United States we have a minimum wadge. We have the resources to help them where they barley have enough to live. Other countries might start helping them too and we can make allies over it.

  • We need to fix everything at home first.

    There are so many problems in America that could be fixed with more funding and money. There are poor people in our country that need food and shelter, and deserve help. The U.S could use the money to hep and fix the abundance of problems in America. Once we fix the countries debt and all the other problems. There is no porblem with helping t he countries, but we need to focus on ourselves before we help others.

  • I'm done caring

    We've been trying to help third world Nations for so long and constantly get no where. Every time, In every country. They obviously can't and won't join the rest of the world. So I say leave um to rot. I'm fucking done caring about it. They don't want help, So fuck um

  • Name: Timmy Grade: Kindergarten

    Because Third World People are Meanies!
    And I don't like meanies!
    Because Meanies not nice
    Mommmy STOP I am tryuing to right a debat e hting here ok!
    Anyway.. OH Poopsy voice activaton is on!
    Ok so meanies are npto nice and there
    buly in my class who is meanie!
    So that why should we not help!

  • So much, so different, some don't want it

    To say that america should help 3rd world countries is applying to a lot of people all over the world. All these people have different life styles that saying they need help may not be true to them. Some people may not want this help and wont appreciate the help given. There are to may factors that change the affect if america were to try to help 3rd world countries.

  • We need to fix ourselves first

    America is already in debt and has to deal with quite a few problems such as riots and poverty. In my opinion, America should be more focused on fixing these issues before w e b o t h e r h e l p i n g o t h e r s

  • Focus Our Efforts at Home

    The United States needs to be mostly problem free before we worry about other countries. We have debt we need to take care of before working on improving other countries. We aren't required to help other countries and not responsible for doing anything about their problems. We should keep to ourselves.

  • The US government does NOT need to intervene in third world countries affairs.

    The U.S government does not need to be the world police. While we are in third world countries we are wasting our taxpayer's hard earned money. We should put our money back into our own country and issues like poverty. Why do people in third world countries need help over US citizens who are suffering from the same issues, within the US.

  • Focus Our Efforts at Home

    We need to fix our country before we put ourselves out there. Our current debt status is only getting worse and we need to turn that around. Once we get our own country better than ever then we can consider helping the other countries around the world in need of help.

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