• I cant think of a good reason as to why not!

    Though to be honest the UN should be giving aid to typhoon Haiyan victims, the U.S should be supporting the foundations like the Red Cross help Haiyan victims. Not only the U.S but every country capable of doing so. Haiyan was a terrible disaster, Just like during the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

  • Yes, we absolutely should!

    Thousands of people are dead in the Philippines, and the survivors are without food, water, or homes. Everybody in Tacloban has lost somebody. It would be completely immoral, unethical, and inhumane to refuse aid because you are worried of the comparatively puny consequences it will have on your life. Imagine if you had lost everything. Help a nation in need!!!!!!!!

  • We Should NOT!!!

    We ready doned so much and what have they ever done for us!! Alot of people are doing so much like celebrities donating and tweeting about it. Have you ever imagined how much debt we are in right now? If you go to by December 27 we are in $17,254,560,249,820.68 in debt! By September 30th of 2012 our U.S. Debt has increased by $2.63 billion every day.

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